Celebrating 500 posts with Light of the World Award


I am glad to share with you all that I was been nominated for the “Light of the World” Award by a fellow blogger friend Sheth, for he says, “Thank you for making this blog a “Light of the World” through your inspiring posts! Happy blogging! 😀

I am reaally thankful to him for seeing the light of wisdom and inspiration in my blog posts and awarding me this honor! I am seriously overwhelmed! I would like to encourage my fellow bloggers and readers to visit his blog too which is an inspiration in itself – Visit Sheth’s Blog

Another reason for celebrating this happiness is that my blog Paint the world with words has crossed 500 posts and the only beautiful memories they give me back are the comments and appreciations I have got for sharing what I love. I never really thought to go this far and become a lovable member among all the other well-deserved blogs.

I would be editing my About page soon with some beautiful images of what I have achieved so far through the blog. For that, I want to thank all those who have read my posts, liked it, been inspired by it and made friends with me in a special way. The blog also inspired me to write my first ever poetry book – Thoughtfully Crafted Words and get so much of appreciation and love from all.

I would also like to thank each and every one who has participated in “The Be Inspired Weekly” for their engagement also helped me see how poetry was loved and accepted. The challenge also saw some poets who were non-poets before and through the challenge they explored their poetic talents.

I must say, PTWWW has come a long journey and this would have been a lone one if no one would have participated in making this so lively and loved. Thanks really to each and every one!


Ohhhk then, now comes the rules for this award!


1.  Thank the person who  nominates you.

2. Honor the bloggers who spread life, love, hope , and peace in the name of all people.

3. Let your nominees know of their nomination.

4. Never give-up encouraging people and speaking truth.

My Nominees:

Have a lovely weekend all!


Amreen B. Shaikh


13 thoughts on “Celebrating 500 posts with Light of the World Award

  1. Thank You Ever So much my Friend 🙂 I am Truly Honoured by such a Marvelous Award. And many congratulations on your 500 post milestone…that is amazing! 🙂 May you enjoy Many More Inspirational moments!


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