Congratulations Dx


This post is to congratulate Danger DX for his consistent writings in the “Be Inspired Weekly” 

He is a co-author at TAB(The Authors’ Blog) and has been a challenger at the Be Inspired Weekly Writing Challenge. Dx has written for the challenge consistently 4 times and has been exposed to various forms of writing as well.

Have a look at his writings below:

Visit Danger DX’s Blog

Thank you Danger DX for writing the challenges and showing off your amazing writing skills. Also, you are awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of excellence and creativity. You can showcase it on your blog and link it back to



5 thoughts on “Congratulations Dx

  1. Wow! It’s just…just… amazing! Actually this post is working as a moral booster for me right now. Haven’t been in touch with the writing field lately. You just reminded me of the time when it was so much fun to write a new poetic form every week. I am missing it already.

    Thanks for the badge and this heartily post. Means a lot 🙂

    P.S – I will be back! 😀


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