Thoughtfully Crafted Words: Amreen Bashir Shaikh


This Friday seems more like a busy day writing posts 😉

So, a fellow blogger and friend Elizabeth Baldwin reviewed my Poetry Ebook- “Thoughtfully Crafted Words” today and has posted in a beautiful review of her thoughts on the book! I am so happy to read that my words seemed so fabulous to someone and to receive a review like this made my day. I am glad she liked this book and has invested her time in framing such an honest feedback on the book!

I would encourage all my friends, fellow bloggers and readers to have a look at the review and also read the book 🙂

Thanks Lizzy for this post and have a nice day 🙂


I was trying to think back to the last time that I really immersed myself in poetry and think it would have to be back at school; I remember toiling through reams and reams of text, trying to work out what the author was trying to communicate and reading them out loud to understand how they should be read and with what emphasis. Poetry spoke to me as a reader however I was never any good at writing it (unfortunately) and I am in awe of how easily it appears to come so naturally and beautifully to Amreen. I wasn’t sure what to expect when sitting down to read this however I am extremely happy that I have had the pleasure to be sent it! So thank you Amreen, and with no more time wasted, onto the review!

I loved these little poems; they are like little breaths of fresh…

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