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Hello everyone!

It has been long that I had posted anything, but in the meanwhile, I was introspecting about the things and events that have taken place with me, in the past few months and what I plan to do in the future. After a brief period of illness, packed with the emotions of despair and void, I gathered a lot of courage to better my future and stop being a pessimist. This way, I decided to bounce back with my blogging and use it as a tool of optimism and believe me, within a few months, I have really come a long way, made many new friends, have old fellow bloggers still by my side and a lot of happiness and optimism instilled in me.

A few years back, when I was in my tenth grade, the best thing to happen to me, was a book titled, “You can make a difference”, gifted by our school administration during our FareWell Party. I always loved books and still remember, how happy I was back then. The book was published by our School’s United Publications and was a bestseller. It was indeed a medium of bringing a big change in my life. I was always an English language lover and always participated in things related to it, but never took it seriously. I overlooked the love for writing in me, may be. But, with the book, I learned a lot of people who made a difference in other people’s lives and helped in making this world a better place. It made me believe in those words and encouraged me to take my love for English to an another level, and that’s how, Poetry, writing and blogging came into existence, for me.

2015 is halfway complete and with tomorrow, we mark the beginning of another half of 2015. I plan to start a small campaign/section/segment on my blog called, Make a difference, through which, not only me, but everyone can help in making this purpose of bringing a beautiful change, alive!

Make a difference!
Make a difference!

Every week or month, I may post a write-up on how I brought a change in the society, be it, making someone smile, giving alms to the beggars, planting a tree, helping someone, giving a lift, teaching street kids, or just anything, which can help in making this society better and beautiful. I encourage writers from across the globe to help me in this endeavor and be a part of it. This way, we can track about the best things we did every week and collect worthwhile memories.

Every week or month (depending on the response I get), I will feature a writer on my blog with their article and they will be gifted with a personalized badge for their contribution. Apart from that, writers who wish to become members of this endeavor, by spreading the message and inviting more bloggers or writers to this initiative, will be assigned a personalized member badge for display.

Artwork by me!
Artwork by me! 

At the end of the year, we may compile the articles into an e-magazine to share with many & encourage a change!

Come on, readers & writers, let us make a change & make this world a better and beautiful place to live in 🙂


9 thoughts on “Get involved & #MakeADifference

  1. Great thought Amreen. Society needs help by all ways and we need to make a difference. Looking forward to your posts. I shall give my hand, sure.

    I have exactly a similar section in my blog ‘Small Needs Great Needs’. You can check in the category list on the right widget.

    It’s a nice feeling to know how you’ve broke open a confining difficulty. My hearty wishes for your new endeavour!

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