Words & Wisdom- Killing Depression!


Isn’t it true that Depression is a slow killer? That it takes away your optimism, hope and liveliness, one bit at a time? The best way to end a sad story, a gloomy one, is not bury it, but to face it and kill it forever. To kill the haunt of a dark shadow of depression forever! 

What are your thoughts on killing depression? How do you survive it? Share your words in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “Words & Wisdom- Killing Depression!

  1. You’re never able to end up with depression. It helps me to write texts, to dance and to change the picture in my head, that I have about myself. It needs time but if you want you will be able to make it. I’m a thoughtful person but it’s up to me whether I use it in a depressive way or whether I teach myself to think in a more optimistic way!

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