Speed lovers, Airtel 4G is here!

Speed defines everything.

This quote very well defines the era of today, isn’t it? Time is a crucial aspect of success. We all have a lot to achieve in a small amount of time and to make that happen, our time must be within our reach and to some extent, within our control!

Technology, with time, has helped us achieve productivity- efficiently and effectively! And with the advent of mobile technology, we gained optimum flexibility and that has helped us to complete a large amount of our work in much less time. Mobile Technology has given each one of us, a medium to move faster, in terms of success and define ourselves.

Mobile Technology can be mostly related to Airtel Technology and I say that, because, according to me, Airtel is the best in terms of Mobile Networking and Technology. This is my personal experience. It has helped us achieve seamless communication.

Recently, Airtel has launched Airtel 4G which redefines speed. In fact, airtel users can update to Aritel 4G services for free with a few steps.

airtel 4G   High Speed Internet   Dongle at best Prices in India
Courtesy: Airtel

The Airtel Website displays a lot about the new features and specifies how with our Airtel 3G plan, we can enjoy the benefits of Airtel 4G at no extra cost. Isn’t that amazing? Airtel also guarantees that with Airtel 4G, we can access the internet and download any mobile applications in a fraction of seconds, as compared to the other internet plans and poses ‘Airtel Challenge’ where if the other networks are faster. they can pay our bills for life! This challenge clearly implies the amazing speed of Airtel 4G!

For those who wish to test the #Airtel4GSpeedTest, can log in to their twitter account, thinking of app they wish to download and tweet in this order >> @AIRTELINDIA #Airtel4GSpeedTest <APPNAME>, and lo! Witness how fast Airtel 4G is by getting a comparison of the respective app’s download between 2G, 3G and 4G networks!

See a detailed illustration below–

Airtel4GSpeedTest   Twitter Search
Courtesy: Airtel Twitter

I took the #Airtel4GSpeedTest online with Twitter and here is what I got! View the Illustration below—

airtel India on Twitter    Amu1312 We’re pinning that download record to the wall  Know more  http   t.co SqBNdroGHh 11 08 14 46 http   t.co P4dJMvmIxD
Airtel Twitter

Read the following Tweet by Airtel! Isn’t it cool that the Airtel service is providing the Airtel 4G sims for free?

13   GetAirtel4G   Twitter Search
Courtesy: Airtel Twitter

I am sure, many would want to switch to Airtel 4G by now, because, speed is the need of the hour! The entire nation is abuzz with the launch of Airtel 4G. One can upgrade to 4G plans, for free, if they own a 4G device and for those who wish to witness the impeccable speed and pace of Airtel 4G, can rush to their nearby Airtel Stores in selected cities, to experience for themselves.

So, all those who wish to have time within their control and within their reach, fret not, Airtel 4G is here! 🙂

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