10 Simple tricks to make us look smart!

Learn Smartness the simple way! Yes, you heard it right! Simple tricks and tips tend to not only better our task but also makes us look smart. Recently, I read a many such ways and I must tell you, the Versatile Blogger enjoyed it and hence, I thought of sharing them with y’all! I hope you find them useful and do try them 🙂


  1. Call me the Currency Rule : If ever you’re missing out on a ruler/rule/scale, fret not! The currency note is the savior in disguise. Use it as a scale/rule/ruler, it measures atleast 6 inches long!


2. The Magnetic Effect : Always remember to keep a small piece of magnet in the sewing basket, so that it can be useful while sorting out wayward pins or dropped needles.


3. The Peanut Butter / Petroleum Jelly Help! : If ever gum gets stuck in your hair, cover it with petroleum jelly or peanut butter, it will help in sliding if off without much tugging or pain.


4. The Freezer Effect : In order to remove wax from candle-sticks, freeze it for about 20 minutes and the wax will chip off easily.


5. Blow Dry it! : Remove the stubborn price tags/stickers by moving a blow dryer which is set on low, to warm the glue and help in easily removing the sticker.


6. Squeeze it right : Get more juice from Oranges or Lemons by rolling them firmly several times, before cutting or squeezing.


7. The Ketchup Flow : In order to speed up the flow of ketchup, insert a plastic drinking straw into the bottle to ease the flow.

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8. Picture me the place : Whenever you send directions to visitors about your home or any place, attach a picture of your house or the place, so its easier for them to find.


9. Prevent that odor : In order to remove the strong smell of garlic from your hands, rub them on a stainless steel surface, like the kitchen faucet.


10. Pillow me fresh : In order to freshen up the pillows, put them in the dryer on a low setting for about 10 minutes

Easy Peasy? Told you! Now bring this into practice and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Please do share your comments / ideas / views / opinions in the comment section. I’m all ears! 🙂


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