How to grow Thick Eyebrows naturally!

Eyebrows are an integral part of our face, as these thick, delicate hairs above the eyes give a shape to the eyes, define them and help in facial human communication or expression. Imagine your face without brows and you would fret about how your face looks incomplete! Isn’t it?


Not all of us have good, thick and defined eyebrows. Many lose a lot of eyebrow hairs due to frequent threading, makeup or poor diet. Even healthy eyebrows need vital nutrients to grow and flourish.

I’ve never done my eyebrows and still manage to shape them naturally through tips I learned online. With the below tips, you’ll be able to grow your eyebrows thick and dark naturally, at home. In fact, they are best known home remedies to boost the growth of your eyebrows and give them a definition. I wish to share them with my friends, readers and followers.


  1. Coconut Oil : Put a few drops of coconut oil on your fingertips and massage them well, for about 5 mins on your eyebrows. This helps in blood circulation. Leave it overnight. In the morning, wash it off with lukewarm water.

olive oil on wooden table

2. Olive Oil : Mix a few drops of olive oil with honey and apply it on your eyebrows. Massage it well for a few mins. Leave for about 30 mins. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.


3. Castor Oil : Apply a few drops of Castor Oil on your eyebrows and massage well for a few mins. Leave overnight. Rinse it well with Lukewarm water.

pouring milk in a glass isolated against white background

4. Milk : Apply a few drops of Milk on the eyebrows and massage it well for a few mins. Let it dry. Rinse it well with cold water.

An important thing to remember is whatever above method you follow, do make sure to continue it for a few months to see the desired results, as the body takes some time to adjust a particular habit and you would yourself be happy with the results.

Liked it? Do share your feedback below in the comment section. I’ll be happy to know 🙂 Also, if you have any other such home remedies to grow eyebrows at home, why not share them in the comment section? 


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17 thoughts on “How to grow Thick Eyebrows naturally!

  1. I have very Little eye brows, and I know peope that don´t seem to have them. I feel complete though, with my Little hair eyebrows, plus si not that I´m a vanity type of guy who looks in the much in the mirror nor care much about what others think of my aspect. But yeah, for a woman better with eyebrows that without them. Not cool without them, not sexy.

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  2. Since eyebrows are hairs anything we do for hair wellness should be done for eyebrows too but eyebrows are not effected by DHT like hairs on the front portion of scalp. People don’t notice eyebrow hair fall as they are small and don’t appear on dress etc. Eyebrow hairloss is the fist sign of subclinical thyroid problem. In hypothyroid people lose outer third of eyebrows and still dont show on blood test. Once lost no home remedy works for regrowth of eyebrow. Grafting is the only solution. So try to workout a solution for subclinical hypothyroid by diet and exercise rather than applying oils only.

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    1. Thank u for the info! As you can see, this is a general solution to eyebrow growth and not specifically to Hypothyroid patients. I’m glad you included that point on how they can opt for eyebrow growth through exercise and diet, and also, when I’ll do a research and specifically on HT patients, I’ll surely share for them. 🙂

      Thank u so much for your comment

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  3. OH wow I love this! I have blonde eye brows so they look like they are not there. I do use olive oil and also coconut oil on my skin! I love what you have shared here thank you for visiting my blog! I’m following you now! I’ll be back! I love your blog! Blessings to you in 2016!

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