Launch of Tail Lover’s Company

India’s most favorite luxury house of pet fashion, Heads Up For Tails and Bangalore’s leading Pet retail outlet, Paws the Pet store have merged together to launch Tail Lover’s Company, a whole new chain of Multi-brand Pet Supply stores that will practically cover all pet supply needs of pet lovers all over India.

So far, Heads Up For Tails with its online presence and a store in Select Citywalk has already established itself as a high-profiled pet supply brand and with the launch of Tail Lover’s Company, HUFT will also enable selling other Indian and international brands through this new retail venture.

Paws the pet store outlets in Bangalore will also be re-branded and re-launched as Tail Lover’s Company Bangalore outlet as a part of this giant merger.

Along with its Online store shopping set up, Tail Lover’s Company aims to spread its network PAN India as One-Stop shop for pet supply including food, treats, clothes, accessories, grooming supplies and every other necessary product that a pet owner needs. As an extensive multi-band chain of stores, TLC aims to feature various Indian and International luxury brands in their stores.

Delhi and Bangalore have been chosen to be the first two destinations for TLC flagship stores, with one store in Chattarpur, New Delhi and two in Bangalore.

The vision behind Tail Lovers Company is to provide unlimited choices and options to the customers through one stop retail store for multi-brand pet products


About the company

Heads Up For Tails is headed by a passionate animal lover and a loving pet parent Rashi Narang and is run by a team of passionate pet owners and dog-lovers who take pride in understanding the ever-evolving needs of dogs and the style conscious pet-owners, which helps them to constantly curate innovative and pleasing products for the pets. “I think what makes Heads Up For Tails stand out is that we care about our every customer. Also we know dogs, understand them and love them! We try to provide options not available elsewhere, and you will have a fuzzy experience shopping with us”, shares Rashi with a smile.

Heads Up For Tails is constantly innovating to turn your most loved furry babies into fiery fashionistas. Our only aim is to give our customers oodles of love wrapped in top class products to convert your house into a loving home. Sniff out our cool collection of collars, bandanas, leashes and other drool worthy products at


Heads Up For Tails brand statement

Dogs- they delight and they defend. They love unconditionally, and live lazily. Heads Up For Tails is a celebration of these amazing animals- who give so much and ask for so little!

Heads Up For Tails is India’s exclusive brand for luxury pet products.

Inspiration comes in multifarious ways to those who are passionate enough to seek it. We at Heads Up For Tails were greatly inspired by our love for dogs and basically anything to do with these wonderful four legged marvels that people our lives with undemanding love and loyalty. The idea of Heads Up For Tails was born out of this innate and deep understanding of dogs and their likes and dislikes. Our venture is a means of using our expertise and passion to curate and retail the finest products and accessories for doggie parents and their wards.

We are a comprehensive online shopping portal offering dog food, dog accessories, apparel, grooming products, toys, bedding solutions and much more! We help you keep your pet healthy, happy and pampered with a wide selection of products from reputed global brands apart from offering our own specially customized offerings and gift packages for doggies and cats including the innovative monthly Wag Box customized as per your dog’s preferences and tastes. We work tirelessly behind the scenes to give you the best options for your dog across all segments.

Isn’t it a great initiative? What are your thoughts on the same? Share your ideas in the comment section.


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