All you need to know about The Rich’s Gourmet Guide 2016 Event!

Rich Graviss celebrated India’s first RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE, 2016 in Mumbai yesterday. It was a great endeavor to bind the international food trends to food services and bakery customers in India. The event was attended by close to 800 retail and home baker’s, who interacted with the Rich Graviss Team and extended their ideas and thoughts in the baking arena.

RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE showcased Global foods and trends in the Savories, Beverages, Desserts and Cakes’ Sector. Chef Varun Inamdar- Master Indian Chocolatier demonstrated live about the Global trends in foods via applications of the existing Rich’s products available in India. An alumnus of the prestigious ‘Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development’, in India, he’s associated with some of the known and leading hospitality chains around the world, for over a decade and a half.

Celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar at the Rich Gourmet Guide
Celebrity Chef Varun Inamdar at the Rich Gourmet Guide

Mr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, CEO and Executive Director at Rich Gravis Products Pvt. Ltd. talked and shared about his contentment at putting together this great show which showcased the best in the Industry that came forward to educate, learn and innovate with the best of the league.

“The main objective of the event was to make our bakery and food service customers aware of the global trends and also global cuisines which could be made using Rich’s products. The purpose is to inform and upgrade the quality of offerings of both bakery and food service operators to general public. I believe with Rich’s Gourmet Guide 2016, we have been able to achieve that.”
– Mr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, CEO & Executive Director, Rich Gravis

Cakes at the Rich Gourmet Guide Event
Cakes at the Rich Gourmet Guide Event

How was the RICH’S GOURMET GUIDE 2016 Event?

The event was wonderfully organized and the presentation of Cakes and the latest innovation in the Bakery arena was mesmerizing and overwhelming. As we were introduced to the latest trends in Baking and how the Cake industry is evolving, thus providing a better taste experience, while keeping the decoration and presentation intact, we saw how much efforts and research was invested while bringing about those massive changes. The session with Chef Varun Inamdar was enlightening and helpful for the bakers to create a solid brand identity and give their products, a better reach to the needed customers. Chef was entertaining and innovative in his approach while he taught us the skills and I immensely enjoyed the session and learned a many lessons about creating a brand identity and being original.

About Rich Graviss

Rich Graviss Products Pvt. Ltd. came into existence following the collaboration between M/S Rich Products Corporation (USA) and Graviss Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)

The launch of Rich’s Whip Topping in 1996 sparked a revolution in the Indian bakery industry; as it became the first-ever and the largest-selling non-diary whip topping of the country. Since then, the market reputation and business growth has only elevated.

The company caters to more than 150 cities across 27 states through a highly competent cold chain distribution network.

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