Love & Love Only Movie Review

True love only comes once in your life
So if you found it, never let it go.

Many of us would agree to it, isn’t it? Today, I had the opportunity to watch the movie ‘Love & Love Only’ which is an English-language Australian feature film and is directed by Indian-born Australian filmmaker Julian Karikalan, starring Rohit Kalia, who was Mr. India Australia in 2014 and Georgia Nicholas in the lead roles.

It is a cross-cultural romantic film where an Indian falls in love with an Australian girl and features background score and songs by India’s legendary composer Ilaiyaraaja, who is the only composer on earth to have scored for more than 1000 feature films. However, this is the first ever English language feature film for which he has composed original songs. Isn’t that a brilliant package?


What is the film ‘Love & Love Only’ about?

The film revolves around Kris (Krishna) who hails from a rich Indian family and is a failure in life. His day-dreaming and pampered life turns as a failure for him, while he also fails in love, every time. Later, his parents persuade him to study abroad and invest a huge amount behind him, which they expect him to pay off when he earns big after his completion of studies and by securing a good job.

While doing his studies abroad, he meets Stacey, who is his co-worker and love interest. She has a complete different lifestyle and hails from a broken family.

The story revolves around two individuals coming from totally different backgrounds, social and cultural, and who have different aims and ambitions to follow. One has to quench his thirst for entrepreneurship and success, while the other seeks peace in her life, and in the midst, they realize a common motive of their lives- love.

The movie is blended with clear and neat cinematography and scenes. The screenplay is to the point and seamless and doesn’t make you bored. You won’t see any unwanted scene or movie time in the film, as everything is properly managed and executed. I was completely hooked up to every scene and the movie has the ability to keep its viewers engaged. The scenes are written aptly.

Another part of the movie that earns it the brownie points is the humor, which doesn’t seem forced and is incorporated well to engage the viewers and bring a smile on their faces, every now and then. The movie brings forth a real touch of an abroad life, while not showcasing the glittery lifestyles that usually Bollywood does. Thus, all Indians who stay abroad can relate to the movie well and express their lifestyles in the foreign countries.

Among the many takeaways from the movie, one which I particularly liked is the Do-work-like-play part which is cute and innovative for anyone, thus bringing out the fun side of work. I completely loved that part.

I definitely cannot end this without mentioning how much I loved the music! The film was scored by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja, who is the most prolific film composer in the world. He has composed music for over 1000 films and obtained numerous awards for his work. This is the first film in English he has ever made music for. The music is a reflection of the movie- blend of the east and the west. And it gives a fresh and sweet love feel to the movie while keeping its reality intact.

Will I recommend the movie ‘Love & Love Only’?

Definitely! The movie is shot well and clean. The locations are beautiful and simple, the music and background score are spot on and the story unravels the true struggles of an Indian who studies abroad unlike the easy life which our movies usually depict.

Awesome! Where to get the movie?

The movie is available for Rent/Buy on ‘Love & Love Only”s Official website: 

Audiences in India have the option to pay in Indian rupees through credit cards, debit cards and net banking, and people living abroad can buy in dollars.


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