Harp Farmer Pictures’ Music Video Launch: Manmaaniyan

Have you checked out this awesome song “Manmaaniyan” which was released a few days ago? It is presented by Harp Farmer Pictures. It is a beautiful and romantic song. I particularly love the cinematography of the video and the actors look so brilliant in the song. The music is so fresh and engaging. The tune of the song is mesmerizing and soulful. It is soon going to be my favorite song for this lovely month and considering my love for Punjabi songs.


the song has a beautiful and soulful story behind it and I loved the way it unravels.

The song is sung by Singer and Composer Dev Sangha and the artists are Harp Farmer and Tahan Lew. The song is provided music by Gurmeet Singh and lyrics by Dev Sangha. The music video is shot by Kuran Dhillon.

The song is already trending in India on 1st position and you must not dare miss it, okay?

Have you watched the song yet? No? Why not watch it on Youtube or Download the original from iTunes here

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