GolChakkar Saree Hut: A touch of handcraft and elegance!

I think it (Sari) covers the right amount and exposes the right amount..

..said by anonymous is such a perfect quote for the 6 yards of sheer elegance that a woman wears. Such enigmatic is the aura of this sensuous drape that even the west couldn’t deny adoring its beauty and experimenting with its varied styles and forms.

I’m an evident lover of Indian Ethnic Fashion and particularly fascinated with colors and hues. The effervescent shades of creativity that an Indian Saree possess is unmatched and unparalleled. The very first time that I got a chance to wear a Saree in my life was during my 10th Standard Farewell and it was a Banarasi Saree of my mom in Red and White, so magnanimous and pristine was the look of the Saree and it brought out the subtle innocence in me.


My favorites in the Saree clan is mostly banarasis because the blend of colors is what meets the eye and it exudes the best in us. I was recently introduced to Gol Chakkar Saree Hut which is a perfect blend of traditional past with classy & sophisticated glamour, founded and introduced by Bodh Rajpuria Singh- NIFT Alumni who revived the concept of traditional Sarees from all over India under one roof.


The GCSH signature pure silk hand-loom Sarees’ collection comprises of Banarasis, Kanjivaram, Mysore, Bhagalpuri, Maheshwaris, Bengalis, Uppada, Tussar, Chanderi and Paithani, to list a few. Also, they have more blends like Handloom – khadi silk, jute silk, kora silk, Silk Chiffon, Habutai, Mysore georgettes & Chiffon & what not…!


Each saree is meticulously woven and handcrafted with utmost attention to detail, thus blending in the traditional past with the zest of modernity.


The originality of GCSH is that this saree boutique promotes silk handloom sarees which are sourced from the weavers directly. Apart from that as an ode to the craft he has created his boutique in the form of hut. So the look of the studio is completely unique in its own way. They have a workshop where weavers do weaving & embroidery work.


I’ve been through the entire collection of GCSH and I truly am overwhelmed by its enamor and vivacity. Each Saree is a world in its own and to be honest, I was immensely confused to buy the ultimate one for me, as each was unique and different.


I plan to do a review of their Sarees soon on my blog and when I do, I am sure, you’re in for a visual treat!

Share your views and opinions on the same in the comment section. And stay tuned for more in collaboration with GCSH 🙂

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