iGlory Roll-On Fragrances: Rose Oudh & Mount Frost Review

Fragrance is all about trying to communicate emotion…

…indeed! It allures the mind and soothes the soul. Be it any occasion, one cannot deny the importance of putting the right fragrance to invoke or initiate the right mood and emotion. Fragrance is a way of expressing our happiness and mirth or the joy to celebrate.

And a fragrance or aroma that brims the ambiance with immaculate purity and lingers for long, is worth the while, isn’t it? I agree to the above notion as well. I love fragrances and agree to the fact that perfumes and fragrances consist of a large amount of alcohol and lesser fragrance, thus as we apply the perfume or spray, the alcohol gets evaporated and the fragrance lasts for a little while. Thus, I do not prefer alcohol-rich perfumes and it is anyway not eligible for application in Muslims.

I heard a lot about iGlory Roll-On Fragrances from my friends and recently bought myself a few iGlory Roll-On fragrances in Rose Oudh and Mount Frost from FleAffair.com

iGlory Roll-On fragrances were launched by Mimosa Fragrances Pvt. Ltd. and are backed by the perfumery market experience for more than 2 decades. They specialize in premium fragrance oils, hosting a number of range like Arabic, floral and fine fragrances. They are the best in town when it comes to the Oudh Collection- a mystic euphoria which blends floral scents with the enigma of divinity.

Why iGlory Roll-On Fragrances?

  • 100% pure fragrance
  • premium fragrance oil is used
  • alcohol or water free
  • lasts long even with little application
  • brims the ambiance with a lasting fragrance

How I liked the iGlory Roll-On Fragrances- Oudh Collection?

Oudh oils are the costliest in the perfumery world. They are formed as a dark resin after Agarwood or Oudh trees are infected by fungus. This dark resin is a naturally aromatic oil infused with a rare sensuality and an alluring mystic aroma. It has been used extensively by the Arabic rulers, Indian Maharajas and Nawabs since centuries.


Rose Oudh, purchased by me is an intoxicating amalgamation of floral aspects of rose and the woody Oudh fragrance. It has a sweet smell to it and would be loved by men and women, alike. I have simply strokes of the roll-on to my dress and the fragrance lasted for hours, making me feel so fresh and great.


Mount Frost, on the other hand, has a breezy and fresh smell to it. Its composition is so irresistibly blended with musk, that it lasts for hours and transforms one to a fantasy world, with its cool and freshly textured scent. This can be worn by both men and women. I gifted Mount Frost to my Dad, this Father’s Day, as it can also be a perfect gift item for any occasion. And my dad being a perfume admirer and lover, this was no less than the best gift for him.

Overall, I would strongly recommend everyone to definitely buy iGlory Roll-On fragrances, because they are one-of-a-kind, reasonable, pure, long-lasting and definitely worth a try!

Have you tried iGlory before? Or are you a perfume lover? Do you plan to buy these fragrances? What are your liking in perfumes? Share your ideas, thoughts and views in the comment section. 

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