Matrika Creative Women’s Journal: Review

Paper has more patience than people..

… this was one profound phrase, quoted by Anne Frank. I’m an admirer of her thoughts and feel that how can such a young girl, in her teens be so mature about her perception of life? Maybe it was her tattered life amidst the chaos of a war, where every moment was a struggle and full of misery, but something comforted her- her diary; in which she confided her secrets, moments- happy and sad, and about the blood-driven war. Today, the Anne’s Frank diary is a testament to her life story, about the historical war and human spirit, isn’t it?

Since childhood, I’ve been accustomed to writing a diary. I’d file my daily activities in it and preserve it, as if it was so precious, and why not, as it contained my tiny secrets and emotions- happy and sad, which were close to my heart. While I grew, I stopped writing daily, and instead started writing poems. But still, I would make sure that I had a diary to write them too. Later, when I started working, I’d always carry a diary for my official use. And now, when I blog, I write about anything and everything related to blogging in my Blog diary.


So yes! Diaries are an integral part of my life. And why not, because it can confine my whole world, within its pages.


A few weeks ago, I was delivered a beautifully designed Creative Journal/Diary by Matrikas Paper Products. The name of the Journal brand is very impressive.


They have launched a new set of Artistic Journals for Women of Today, in four variants:

  • Butterfly (To dream)
  • Dragon Fly (To fly)
  • Feather (To write)
  • Fish (To glide)


I had chosen the Feather variant, as I’m a creative writer. The book, in many ways, reflect my mood and identity. I love being creative and in my diaries, you won’t just see a lot of writing. I doodle, draw, color, propose ideas and write on general topics. After all, a diary is a place where we can be ourselves.

The Matrika diary has an amazing set of features, I couldn’t resist to share. It has a special cover material which is trendy and has a smooth texture. The cover color is elegant and so is the design, which is screen printed. The pages are hard bound and the edges of the diary are rounded and not pokey.


Other distinct features of the Creative Journal includes:

  • 8 Adult Coloring Pages to paint some blissful doodles in leisure
  • Personal Memoranda Page to fill in personal details
  • “Books to Read” corner to note down our best reads
  • “Scribble your heart away” pages to doodle in leisure
  • “Places to visit” corner to reflect our wanderlust
  • “Name & Address” section to note down important contacts
  • Stickers for Creative Writing to reflect our emotions
  • Pouch on the Back Cover to carry letters and stickers.
  • Elastic for Safe Locking of the diary, which is a better alternative than the lock
  • Pen Holder for convenience


I was obviously overwhelmed by its features and instantly started using it. The first I did was to fill the Personal Memoranda. Since I am a doodling fan, I decorated one page which introduced myself, when anyone would open the diary.


Next, I creatively wrote about the qualities I own, from alphabets A-Z exhibiting my identity. Then, I dedicated one page to list down 5 ways to win my heart, which was quirky yet sweet.


Later, I started using the Stickers from the Journal. One I used was to list down about the “Things I never thought I’d do” and I was extremely proud when I wrote that page. I value spirituality a lot and dedicated a few pages to my ideas on a few topics like healing, new beginnings, holding on – letting go and forgiving others. I doodled one empowering quote that is close to my heart, “If you never try, you’ll never know” because whenever I’d read that page, it’d only encourage me for better. I wrote a page on this blissful ideology of “The Yellow Paint” which talks on how every person owns that yellow paint to make their lives more better.


I also wrote about how we must take every day as a new beginning, because many millions of people experience each day, differently and we must only gather happiness from their lives. On one page, I talked about the love of my life- Usama, who is the best thing that happened to me. I’m indeed blessed to have him in my life and he is my sunshine in this gloomy world.


I dedicated one page to reflect my idea of Wanderlust with a creative doodle and whenever I’d see that page, it would make my heart grow in happiness, because this little diary of mine consist of the whole world.


When I was in leisure, I colored the Doodled Coloring pages and enjoyed the fun, because, as an adult, I got an opportunity to do something which reminded me of my childhood days and also revealed the creative side of me.

Lastly, I wrote about “The Little Things” that I’m thankful for and about the people that “I’m glad to have in my life”, because they only made me a strong and better person that I am today.

It’s been just a few weeks that I own this Creative Journal and it has already taken my heart, exuding my creativity on its lifeless pages. I’m happy in tons to have it by my side, because by now, it has within it, a part of my life and it is now an undying treasure for me.


So, all my dear friends, followers and readers, I encourage you to buy this Creative Journal or gift it to the ladies you admire, because it will only bring a smile on their face and help them create something worthwhile.


Go try this Journal, because, as I say, “If you never try, you’ll never know..”

Also check out this beautiful video featuring the different Matrika Creative Women’s Journal


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