Mutual Fund Day & Fund For A Friend initiative: a step towards early investments by Reliance Mutual Fund

“Invest in time, invest it right !”…

… was the line quoted by Mr. Sanjeev at a meet I attended recently. Aren’t these words so full of wisdom and guidance? Well, every one of us may agree to the fact that Money is an important part of our lives and it has a similar characteristic to time, as it doesn’t wait or stay forever, isn’t it?

Hence, I believe that as Mr. Sanjeev quotes, we must invest our money in the right place, at the right time. Because, the best way to see growth in our savings is through investments, which can support us for years to come. If I talk about me, I’m 25 and at this age, I must be thinking of investments. Since I am an inexperienced investor and am averse to risks, I may not be keen on investing in mutual funds. And there are many more who think like I do.

That’s when I discovered Mutual Funds. I have many reasons why it could be beneficial for youngsters like me who are searching for the right way to optimize their savings.

  • Through SIP one gets the benefit of investing in premium stocks even at a monthly installment of as low as Rs 500
  • the investment decisions can be taken rightly by a portfolio manager, thus cutting down the risks of immature investment decisions
  • on occasions of loss, Every investor experiences loss. Thus, with Mutual Funds, I could think big, even with little investment and have the courage to grow without much fear.

Thus, when I talk about investments, my choice is a Reliance Mutual Fund, as it is reliable and allows a much greater scope to grow and evolve.

My views on MFD (Mutual Fund Day) by Reliance

Today India is seen as an emerging next big investment destination backed with high savings and higher growth rate as compared to other Asian economies. On the other hand, according to a report in the UN Population Fund, over 50% of the population is less than 25 years of age, with many entering the workforce for the first time.

 It is essentially important to inculcate the habit of investing early and help the vast population of the country to achieve financial independence. Mutual funds can be an option for those looking to create wealth over time as it provides diversification and asset allocation with relatively small amounts of cash.

 Mutual funds as an investment tool has gained massive popularity over the last couple of years with its average Assets under Management touching a record of Rs 17.37 trillion as of January 2017. However, mutual fund penetration in the country is very low compared to global and peer benchmarks.

We all are accustomed to reminders which enable us to execute a task in our lives. With reminders, we urge ourselves to be reminded of any particular task, isn’t it? It is a great way of making us complete a particular task or activity which we usually tend to forget when consumed by other aspects or things in life.

Likewise, Reliance Mutual Fund has initiated an awareness where they celebrate the 7th of every month as Mutual Fund Day, helping investors build wealth in a disciplined manner. 

I am particularly elated about the great initiative by Reliance, encouraging the awareness of Mutual Fund among investors, promoting the idea of regular investments and helping imbibe the habit of savings among individuals, thus enabling financial independence!

As of now, Reliance has done a number of Investor Awareness Camps and Media led events in various parts of the country to spread the necessary awareness about investing in Mutual Funds.

We Indians, particularly could benefit in multitudes with this initiative, as it will help in directing our funds for our betterment, in the right way and feeding us with the appropriate and optimal awareness of minimal yet regular investing.

My views on FFAF (Fund For A Friend)

Another interesting initiative by Reliance is the FFAF (Fund For a Friend), which is a Facebook driven activity.

 In this particular initiative, an investor could take a simple quiz on Investing and fill in the necessary details of their friend, who they believe should start investing or should be encouraged to make investments. The details would include fields like age, income, risk factor, likes and dislikes, which is processed and a customized Mutual Fund investment plan for that respective friend based on the mentioned parameters, is created.

This can then be shared with the friend or they can be tagged in the Facebook post, thus encouraging them to invest and also enable others to invest. 

 This is an exciting and an innovative way to spread the word of Investments among our friends and family, making them aware about the benefits of the concept and how it could help in building a better future.

Have you invested in Mutual Funds previously? How have you found the concept? Are you excited about the MFD and FFAF initiatives by Reliance? Do you plan to be a part of it? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.

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