The-best-five-jewelry-trend- this-Navratri-2017

The best 5 jewelry trends this Navratri 2017

Navratri is around the corner and it is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. Each Indian festival celebrates a specific force like lights, colors, water but Navratri is one such festival which not just celebrates women but also is an amalgamation of colors, vibrancy, lights, exquisite attires, loads of jewelry and yes, dance.

I’m thankful to my friend Ishita who introduced me to this chain #NavratriHoppersΒ and you can check her blog and her social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So, with this post, I would be sharing the best trends in Jewelry for Navratri 2017. Since, jewelry is one of the most indispensable part of this 9 days long festival, let us dive into the best 5 jewelry trends for Navratri this 2017.

The-best-five-jewelry-trend- this-Navratri-2017

#1: Pom-pom necklace

It’s the most trending object this year and it has found its way in all sorts of jewelry. This pom-pom layered necklace is an eye catcher and a must buy. This is an exquisite piece and can be worn over the traditional attire for Navratri. It can be teamed up on any sort of colored Ghagra Choli as the necklace is multi-colored.

The-best-five-jewelry-trend- this-Navratri-2017

#2: Silver Bangles

These are a requisite this season as they can go well with just a dress of any color and looks extremely beautiful in bunches. These can be worn in multiple sets for a traditional look and just one bunch for a casual one.

The-best-five-jewelry-trend- this-Navratri-2017

#3: Pom-pom bangles

So it’s again a colorful pom-pom stuff. These typical Gujarati-styled Bangles which end with pom-pom ties look adorable and the most beautiful piece I spotted in the market.

#4: Silver Jhumkas

Simply WOW is the word! I am a fan of boho jewelry and this can be worn for Navratri even on a casual look like on Kurtis and jeans.

The-best-five-jewelry-trend- this-Navratri-2017

#5: Pom-pom bracelets

This started as a trend last year with the Movie MS Dhoni but you can’t stop buying this for your Navratri Celebrations. It’s the most simple yet so stylish jewelry for this season as it exudes colors, a lot of it.

Where can you get these?

Jambli Galli, Borivali (West)

I hope you guys love these jewelry trends for Navratri 2017 as much as I enjoyed writing these. Share your ideas as well with me as to are you looking forward to Navratri and which is the one piece of jewelry that is indispensable for you this Navratri, in the comments section.

Now, as the tradition follows, I’d like to forward this idea to my friend and introduce Nisha who blogs here and is socially active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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