6 Caratlane Diamond Necklaces that one must look forward to this wedding season

Diamond is a woman’s best friend…

…indeed! Who can deny the pristine beauty that diamonds own and when they are casted and weaved in beautiful necklaces, their beauty and glamour is unmatched.

I have a fetish for these sparkling ornaments and only need occasions to wear them with full grace and grandeur. It’s November and the ultimate wedding season, so what’s the best way to celebrate the season? Obviously, blitz and glam!

Let me share with you some stunning diamond necklace designs that are available online, which you can shop from the comfort of your home. All my collections are selected from Caratlane, which is one of the most trusted online jewelry brand.

I myself own an exquisite Peridot Earrings and Pendant set by Caratlane and have been using them since 2 years. They are still liked by everyone and I am always asked about their whereabouts. I’m glad that I bought them from Caratlane because they are indeed reliable.

6 Caratlane Diamond Necklaces that one must look forward to this wedding season

1. Bow Diamond Necklace


This one’s my most favourite of all. It has a beautiful bow and looks elegant.

2. Black beads Necklace


Another piece which is meticulously designed and has all the feels of beauty. I particularly love the black stone which gives it an elegant touch.

3. Triangle beads Necklace


Geometric patterned pendants are in vogue these days and this one’s my absolute favourite from the collection. It’s beautifully patterned and this gives it a feminine appeal.

4. Heart Centred Necklace


I simply love this beautiful and exquisite piece which is simple yet elegant. The heart’s worthy enough to grab everyone’s attention.

5. Peacock layered Necklace


This one’s the most elegant. It has multi layers and colors, and enriched with colors making it simply beautiful.

6. Peacock feathers Necklace


This one has beautiful peacock feathers which makes it rich in look and feel.

I hope you liked them all and there’s more to the collection. Check the entire range here

What’s your goto jewelry during Wedding season? Which one’s your favorite among these? Share your views in the comments section.

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