Mamaearth turns 1 this December!

…and we are 1…

…it’s been a great one-year association with Mamaearth and I don’t believe how time flies so fast! Mamaearth has always been my rescue for the best women skincare and baby brand because they are paraben free, safe and gentle on the skin, and a trusted brand.

This 5th December, 2017, Mamaearth has turned one and they have launched another set of new products. This time when I got my share of December Range, I was surprised to see such a beautiful and cozy Handbag by Mamaearth which is made of an immensely good material and is soft and durable. Apart from this lovely bag, I received a Lip Balm Set for the entire family namely the Papa, Mama and the Kid. The base ingredient in all the three Lip Balms is Coconut, as it is gentle on the skin and also a good nourisher. Next, I received Mamaearth Nourishing Hair Oil for babies and Mamaearth Clean Cuties Skin Cream which are again a bonus for this year.

Why am I still up and going for Mamaearth?

  • It is certified as MadeSafe
  • It is toxin and paraben free
  • It is gentle on the skin
  • It is mild

How did I like Mamaearth Products for December?

I loved them absolutely! Each product curated by Mamaearth is thought after and made with immense love. They have a pleasant fragrance which isn’t too harsh and unbearable, but mild and settling. The products are non-greasy and gets absorbed easily into the skin. They are certified as MadeSafe and that simply assures me more. The Lip Balm range is a winner as its a perfect gift for Winters and helps immensely in healing cracked and soar lips. I also love the Mamaearth Handbag as its completely comfortable and very handy to carry multiple items.

How did you like the Mamaearth range for December? Are you also a constant consumer of their products? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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