Perfume Booth: Sophistique & Cazanova Perfume Selfie Review

You’re never fully dressed without perfume…

…indeed! Without the right match of fragrance, one is never complete. I may not be an insane lover of perfumes, but I adore fragrances and scents. Stepping out of the house without wearing perfume or scent is a complete no-no for me. In Islamic Culture, the fragrance is the essence of modesty and beauty. Thus, it holds an important place in my life.
I recently got married and among the gifts we received, we got a couple set of fragrance or perfumes from Perfume Booth. Perfume Booth caters to provide fragrance lovers with perfumes from around the world at a reasonable and affordable price. The owners of Perfume Booth have achieved this goal to a large extent as they have managed to provide an exotic collection of perfumes and fragrances from around the world at an unbelievable price.

We received two different collections from the Perfume Selfie Edition of Perfume Booth. One is Sophistique for Women and other is Cazanova for Men. Each of the set has 7 small perfume sticks with one main container. One can place the sticks in the main container and when used, replace it with the other and so on. Each set also has an INR 501/- Perfume Selfie Voucher which was the WOW factor as we could buy more of it or some other collection from the Edition.

The Sophistique collection is elegant and subtle. It doesn’t have a much sweet smell to it and is very refreshing and fresh. I loved the fragrance so much that I have ordered for more.

The Cazanova collection is addictive and immensely magnetic. It has a mystical factor to it and one cannot resist using it once worn.

I believe that this two collection has to be my favorite of the lot and as someone gifted it to us on our wedding, I think this could be one of the best gifts one can give on anyone’s wedding or any special occasion. You simply won’t regret your decision. I encourage my friends and followers to definitely try this collection by Perfume Booth as it is worth the price and effort.

Have you ever tried Perfume Booth? How did you find it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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