Richfeel launches AHI FUE Hair Restoration Technique in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic, London

Happiness alert!

Recently, I was part of a revolutionary launch by Richfeel in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic, London. It was led by Ms. Lorraine Lamberd, CEO & Managing Director of Ailesbury Hair Clinic. She had joined the International Hair Restoration Group in 1994 and later joined Ailesbury in 2004. Since then, they have expanded the Hair Restoration Division and it’s Operations worldwide, with offices in London, Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Istanbul, Mumbai and Dubai.

Me with Ms. Lorraine

The Happy News?

Well, Richfeel has initiated the launch of Aesthetic Hair Implants in India, in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic, London. Ailesbury is been founded by Dr. Patrick J. Treacy and is a world renowned name for Hair Transplants. 

What is the launch in detail?

  • With these newly launched idea, one can get rid of baldness forever with surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures with Richfeel, which offers proven results. 
  • Richfeel brings for us non-surgical hair systems which not only looks natural but can also be customised as per one’s looks.
  • They have in association with Ailesbury, London brought us the internationally renowned aesthetic hair implants’ procedures.

What is the procedure called?

  • It’s called the AHI FUE Hair Restoration Technique. 
  • This technique is not only minimally invasive but also lets one gain maximum results with the shortest recovery time, unlike conventional strip (FUT) or individual extraction methods (other FUE techniques) 
  • The catch is that it doesn’t need an admission to hospital or complex aftercare process. In fact, it can be executed within a day’s time
  • The hair that gets planted is proven to sustain for long and give you a younger and confident look.
Beauty Bloggers with Ms. Lorraine

Why AHI FUE Hair Restoration Technique?

  • It gives better results than other FUE techniques in lesser time
  • The extraction method is improvised than other FUE techniques, thus creating two growths from one single follicle
  • The AHI placement technique is better than other FUE techniques and the survival rate with AHI method is much higher than with the implanter for various reasons
  • It has a quicker recovery time and doesn’t need any aftercare procedures

#akatheversatiles take on Richfeel’s AHI FUE Technique?

I was absolutely stunned by this revolutionary technique and now believe that there is light for those who are going through the stigma of baldness. The session with Ms. Lorraine was informative and I completely recommend it to my followers and readers alike.


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