Jab We Met through Woo!

It’s been six months!




yes, we (me and hub) completed six months this 17th and we couldn’t be any happier. We kept the celebration private and spent the day in each others’ company. It is indeed unbelievable to realize that I know this man for 2 years now and when we first conversed, I didn’t knew we would come this long.

It is rightly said that when we select a partner for life, apart from all the things, what matters is how reliable and compatible your bond is with the other. Your color may vary, your size may vary, your luck may vary, your success may vary, but what remains constant is your attitude and your behavior. If that is not in the right place, the other parameters don’t matter in the long run.

Gone are the olden days when parents or elders used to fix meetings between the expectant couple and the decision was made. Now is the time when the generation wants to experience the person with whom they wish to settle for a lifetime, because a lifetime is indeed a long journey and one wrong move or decision could lead to untoward consequences.

When we talk about the current trend in match making, we talk about the online marriage communities, the dating apps and what not. But can we actually rely on them for finding meaningful connections, which further boil down to our perfect match? Seldom though!

Personally, I relied on a number of online communities and the experience was not less than that of searching a job on an online job portal. I assure you, the feeling was more or less the same. You fill your information, your sect, upload your photo and other details and voila, you are there for the world to seek and find. But then, I wasn’t much satisfied with the results as the sites were filled with bogus and fake profiles of individuals who were seeking time pass and that’s when, the online community idea fall afore my eyes.

I switched to the Match fixing aunties but they too had a list of compromises for me. “The guy is under-graduate, the family is immensely religious,” and the list went on. I did not stopped searching from this pathway though, as parental pressure came in, but I silently switched to the raging trend of Online Dating Apps. The only notion being, what did the other ones brought in and why not simply give this one a try?

I had a couple of Online Dating Apps installed on my android and took time for me to understand their interface. What settled well with me was the Woo App. In one phrase, it seemed so modest and a Creep-Free-Dating-App. Yes, I mean this! It is so well designed and constructed, its primary concern being Women.

The application has a sophisticated feel to it and when you open it first, it asks you to login with your social channel- Facebook. It doesn’t share your details with your friends or family on Facebook, making your experience on the application private and confidential, unless you want to.

Let me discuss the various features that it is equipped with to give you a better understanding.

Woo Tag Search: This feature is at the beginning and it prompts the user to select their interests with a minimum of 3 tags. It enables one to find people with common interests and makes it much easier for you to only communicate with those who fit the bill.

Woo Secret: This feature is the star for sure! It prioritizes women and keeps our information and details (name, number, location) confidential and hidden. I wonder if this facility is at all available on any other application or community without a premium paid plan. Thus, it by default secures our private information without a charge. Also, one can only see your initials and not even your name, unless you wish to disclose it further with any selected individual. For men, only their first name is shown.

Woo Phone: With this feature, one can place a call to the selected individual without having to disclose their contact, i.e. they are able to make an internet call via Woo. This feature was specially created for women and the idea is indeed incredible.

Woo Ask: One can list a ‘bonus’ question in their profile which further improves their chances of finding someone who is right for them.

Woo Plus: This category has premium features which helps in finding your ultimate match faster and quicker. It includes features like ‘who visited you’, ‘who liked you’, ‘who revisited the profile you skipped by mistake’, unlimited likes, crush and more.

Apart from these features, it also allows you to add your bio, feed in your social networking profiles, height, age, the distance of the individual from one’s end and more. It also has feature to analyse our dating profile and notifies where we lack in terms of social connect. It discourages fake profiles by only letting verified individuals with phone verification to use the application, making it secure.

Me and hub first met on Woo and it was the Woo Tag Search feature which got us connected. We shared similar hobbies and the fondness grew with time. Ultimately, we shared about our interest with the family and there is no looking back. I guess, somethings are indeed a blessing in disguise. By something, I mean “Woo” definitely!

According to me, with these well-equipped features and a great interface and backed up team working on a hassle free connect between individuals, Woo is definitely the Best Dating App for Singles and one of the Best Dating App in India.

Have you tried Woo before? Share your experience in the comment section.

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