Like any other accessory, sunglasses play a major role in our outfit. Sometimes, they simply enhance our outfit and sometimes they are more important for protection. These two are also the main reasons we buy them for. Yet, whenever we shop for sunglasses we still have doubts in our mind regarding the perfect choice. We still get confused as to which pair would suit us the most. We mostly end up buying the wrong pair but there are some tips which you can use while you are purchasing sunglasses. You will surely find the pair that suits you the most.


Most of us stay away from the extravagant colours like pink or yellow, we mostly prefer dark colours like black or brown. We keep ourselves from trying something that may actually come out to look good our face. To select the right colour of the lens, make sure it is in contrast with your skin tone. A black lens may not suit each and every skin tone. 

A fair person can actually pull off pink or blue extremely well. Your lens colour may also depend on the kind of purpose they serve you. If you are going for fishing then yellow sunglasses are the best choice as they save you from the glare coming from reflecting surfaces like water bodies. Whatever colour you wear, it will never enhance the protection or hinder it. It merely changes the perception of things and some colours make you see things better which other colours may not do.


The fashion statement of your shades doesn’t matter until and unless they actually protect your eyes because that is their primary objective. Choose the sunglasses that properly cover your eyes because there is no point in wearing them if you constantly get blinded by the sun. While buying them, ask for a pair which saves your eyes from almost 95% of the UVA rays. They are the biggest enemy of our eyes.

There are UVB and UVC rays as well which also harm our eyes, so your sunglass should protect you from them as well. Ask the shopkeeper for proper details about the lens of the shades and make an informed decision. Don’t buy sunglasses which don’t enclose such information. There are some online websites which actually give you detailed information on this, like lenskart. Make sure you are not buying the cosmetic sunglasses because they don’t serve their purpose in this particular area. They may be a little cheaper but they are useless. If you actually want to save some money then use lenskart coupons for discounts.

You can also go for polarization, it dims the light rays making sure their effect on the eyes is reduced. It is basically like a coating, the rays bounce off of it and the light that actually enters is not that harmful or blinding.


Whenever you buy sunglasses, you need to see if the shape of the frame compliments the shape of your face. We all have unique faces which actually have very different shapes. This is the reason that sunglasses come in such a huge variety. Know your face before you shop, maybe you have an oval face or a square face or even a different shape all together. You may have a square face so more circular frames should be fit for you and if you have an oval face then you should go for more angular frames. Figure out the shape of your face and just try to make a contrast between your face and your frame and you will get the perfect sunglasses for any outfit. 


The material of the sunglasses is yet another important aspect. Some of us may be allergic to some kind of materials so that can be an issue. Make sure you wear sunglasses made from good material and not any cheap material. Some shades have metal frames which may not be suitable for many so make sure you choose the material that suits you. Get a plastic frame if you feel like metal will cut into your skin. Make sure the lenses are also scratch resistant and are not made from materials like glass which is easily scratch able and breakable. Quality matters a lot in this area.


If the sunglasses you bought don’t fit you then there is no point in buying them. They are basically useless. They won’t protect you properly and may cause itching. Before you buy them, make sure that they fit and they are not wobbly on the face. They shouldn’t be tilting on one side or falling down from your nose. They are supposed to stay on the bridge of your nose ad should be very comfortable. If they don’t, get them fixed so that you are comfortable while you are wearing them. They should be like a part of you and not stand out as a hindrance.


Sunglasses come in various sizes, some are huge and some are small. Each and every sunglass may not suit each and every person. You need to find the one that suits you. You have a wide range to choose from. Keep the size of your face in mind and then choose. You see all those stars in movies that look great with huge sunglasses, even you can pull that off. Just find your match.


The purpose that the sunglasses serve you is also important while buying them. The purpose again depends on your lifestyle. For instance, buying pink coloured huge glasses may not be right for a cricketer. He needs a different pair as he is on the ground for a long time. Likewise, a person who casually wears them won’t require what a cricketer uses. See your lifestyle and according to that figure out the reason you are buying them. Once you know that you can find the pair which is the most suitable for you. You need to find functional sunglasses which match your daily activities.

All these tips might have made it a little easier to buy sunglasses now. They may be a small accessory but they require attention as any other accessory would. You don’t have to over think much while buying. Just keep these tips in mind and go for what you like. Doesn’t matter if you shop online or offline, you will find the desired pair if you follow these simple. So, go and throw some shade on!

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