No more worries of rashes with Mother Sparsh Water-based Wipes!

A baby is the best gift from God to one, isn’t it? Just the inception is enough to fill one’s life and their near dear one’s as well, with happiness and mirth, agree? Well, indeed! A baby is not only the birth of a new creation and miracle but also the birth of love, happiness, cheerfulness and mirth.

Their laughter is enough to melt our sorrow and bring a smile on our face, isn’t it? Their skin, so soft as feather. Yes, a baby’s skin is sensitive and soft enough to take any harsh touch. 

What do you use to clean your baby’s skin? I hope it’s not a cloth wipe. A cloth wipe is ordinary and passé. It is indeed obsolete and can be termed as an unhealthy way of cleaning your baby. You may ask why? Well, as per a study by ‘Journal of Infection’, it has been confirmed that even washing a cloth properly can hold up to 10 grams of feces. Astonishing, right? It is as good as not cleaning their skin and letting them be in contact with the harmful infections and rashes. 

Many of us use Cloth wipes as they are convenient and available within the confines of our home, even in emergency. But it could be utterly dangerous to a child’s skin and can lead to infection and rashes. And we end up blaming other things for the kid’s infections.

Also, now if you wish to buy baby wipes for your child, don’t resort to the ordinary ones. You may further do damage to your child’s skin. Instead, you must use baby wipes which are water-based and not synthetic in nature. Synthetic baby wipes are made of polyester and can do a lot of harm to the baby’s skin. Well, we are always worried about our baby’s skin or the baby in totality, but avoiding certain things can help us to keep their health intact. Our baby’s skin is precious and letting it be harmed by painful rashes is a strict no-no! 

So what’s the best solution to a baby wipe?

Well, it is simple! You must try out Mother Sparsh Water based wipes for your baby. They are water-based and are made up of 98% water and plant fibres. Hence, they are completely natural and does not make your child susceptible to skin rashes or any kind of infections. Isn’t it super cool?

I hope the message is clear enough of why baby wipes are essential and a much better option than cloth wipes. Also, the fact that water based wipes are far more productive and useful than synthetic baby wipes. 

The most recommended by moms are Mother Sparsh Water based wipes as they are not only natural but also water based, hence, there are little or no chances that the baby’s skin will be harmed. Mother Sparsh Water Based Wipes are economically priced and are easy to use and dispose. It has a subtle aroma to it and is as soft in texture as a newborn’s skin. 

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