Zee5’s mind-gripping romantic thriller ‘Ishq Aaj Kal’ is a must watch and why!

The internet is buzzing with the latest romantic thriller Zee5’s web series, Ishq Aaj Kal, which is a web spin-off of the popular television series, Ishq Subhan Allah, starring the much talented Ankitta Sharma, Angad Hasija and Paras Kalnawat who are playing pivotal roles in the web series. This is the first time ever, that a television series has got a web-spin off and I must say, that it is an interesting one.

The series is produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby Kochhar, Sunil Gupta and directed by Nitesh Singh. It is set on the contemporary world and is the story line is enough to build a connection with the youth. They have released the first season of the series, which is spread across 8 episodes and each is a mind-gripping one. While Ishq Subhan Allah is having a traditional outlook to it, while trying to build a connection with the latest trends, Ishq Aaj Kal is bold and fresh.

The story of Ishq Subhan Allah is not directly connected with that of Ishq Aaj Kal, at least in the first season, they are loosely connected, though. The main character of the web series, Alia is the cousin sister of Ishq Subhan Allah’s Kabir (Adnan Khan). While they (Zara and Kabir) are appearing in the series, they have minute roles, but the makers have tried to keep a connection with them, every now and then.

The story line, since being a thriller one, has constant leaps and flashbacks, which seems to add to the excitement and one is hooked. It did take me a little while to adjust to the constant time jumps, but honestly, they did make sense and created an environment of shock. They were pivotal.

Kabir’s cousin (Shahbaz Ali’s brother’s daughter) Alia’s (Ankitta Sharma) dad was sentenced to death for murdering his wife. Alia wants to know how and why this happened. Faraz’s (Paras Kalnawat) father was suspected to have had an affair with Alia’s deceased mother. Faraz doesn’t believe that his father could do something like this and wants to prove the world wrong. There is a fresh entry of Munmun (Roshni Banik) who is also seen battling her past demons.

The three have got a job as an hotel interns in a Manali resort, which is partly owned by Naaz (Kavita Ghai), who was the pre-marriage lover of Alia’s dad. They had a love child, Amaira (Shagun Jaiswal), who is also an intern along with the above. The hotel is managed on a daily basis by Arshad (Angad Hasija) who is a disciplined person, but he too has an alcoholic mother who is a pain to him and his dad, Javed (Rajesh Khera).

What I really liked about the series, Ishq Aaj Kal is that each episode is short and crisp, not dragging like our very own television drama. The other part being that the story is gripping, intriguing and keeps you engrossed throughout. One is inquisitive to know what happens next. Honestly, I completed the series within one go, considering the story was indeed interesting. Me and my husband enjoyed it and are eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive.

The actors, though new, have enacted their respective roles quite well. Alia is responsible and sweet, but bold when needed. Faraz is effortless and cunning. Arshad is a strict one and a hard nut to crack. Munmun is good enough. Amaira is different and cunning. My personal favorites are Faraz and Amaira. They were a delight to watch, indeed!

So, go and check the web series ‘Ishq Aaj Kal’, now on Zee5 App.


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