Why Abstract Art Paintings are a must have in our Home Decor Bucket List!

We are all rough drafts of the people that we are becoming


..isn’t it? I am an admirer of inspiration, beauty and creativity. It is a pleasure to the eyes to witness all that this beautiful world has to offer. We all believe that to be alive and kicking, we must imbibe in us some beauty, positivity and optimism. One such place where I love to keep beautiful, blissful and optimistic is my home, who else agrees? I believe all of us! We all desire to keep things that we love close to us and the closest of places in our lives is our home.Home decor interests me and I do my best to instil all that I love and adore, into my small haven of beauty- my home. After having a mini Zen area, a mini garden, the wall of accomplishments, what recently caught my eye are Abstract Paintings. Abstract art paintings use the visual language of varied shapes, forms, colours and even lines to depict and portray compositions and meaning that may or may not exist independent of references to the real world.I have seen them often in offices, lounge areas, lobbies and in hotel rooms and otherwise. Seldom did I know that they hold so much more than just those colours, lines, shapes and forms. The beauty of an abstract art painting is such that they impact the mind of the viewer, which makes them even more intriguing. Abstract paintings in many ways, makes one think out of the box and encourages them to see beyond. It has the capability to even bring to the surface the unaddressed emotions that linger in our mind and soul. It is this powerful effect that Abstract art paintings have on our minds that they are so well received and acknowledged. Isn’t that simply captivating?Abstract art paintings find their roots in the twentieth century and this art could be found in both paintings and sculpture. They are said to be the early forms of modern art. Kazimir Malevich was among the first of artists who were able to achieve compete for abstraction in his paintings when he presented an entirely black square as a part of his painting in 1913. He was a part of the Suprematist, an art movement that creates abstraction based on geometrical shapes.Neuroaesthetics, which was founded a decade ago brings scientific objectivity to the study of art. Many studies have come across that proves that abstract paintings have a positive impact on our brains. It is said that our mind is subconsciously aware of the arrangement of shapes and forms in the painting which enables us to understand and interpret the intention of the artist behind the painting. Though we won’t be much vocal about how it makes us feel, it impacts us subconsciously.Abstract art paintings are indeed a gem of investment when it comes to home decor. One can place them in their home, offices or workplace to induce fresh energy and dynamism. After knowing so much about this amazing piece of art, I’m sure to indulge in buying myself a few of them, to not only make my home a beautiful place but also a positive one.

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