Tips to get rid of wrinkles from the clothes after laundry

Wrinkles can be a major problem with your clothes even if you feel you are doing the laundry all correctly. It is but a common issue and there are several tips and tricks by Abhishek Sharma, Director at to get rid of the wrinkles from your clothes easily.

Read below to know further details and tips:

  1. Clean lesser clothes at a time: Always try to not stuff the washing tub in the washing machine to its full capacity. This not only leaves some clothes a bit unclean, but it might also leads to more wrinkled clothes.

    2. Steam cycle: Check for the steam cycle setting on the display panel. Giving your clothes a steam cycles will help you get rid of the wrinkles in the washing machine only.

    3. Warm water wash: If the labels on the clothes do not allow to be washed in cold water only, then opt for lukewarm water. Washing with hot water helps not only with deep cleaning but also helps reduce wrinkles after the wash.

    4. Use vinegar: This cannot be stressed upon enough. Be it any type of clothes that you put in the washing machine, like towels, daily wear, bed sheets, etc. always put a little bit of vinegar while rinsing them.

    5. Use fabric softener: It is also a proven fact that using fabric softener helps with ‘no to less’ formation of wrinkles.
    6. Mild washing settings: Always try to wash your special/delicate clothes in the mild wash option. This ensures that the clothes are not harmed or rigorously cleaned

    7. Shake well before drying: In case you are going to spread the clothes on the line to dry in in air/sunlight, always shake it well. This step might reduces the wrinkles on the clothes by 50-60 percent.

    8. Iron while damp: You may also iron your clothes while they are a bit damp. This ensures that the clothes do not have wrinkles later as the direct heat on the moisture in the clothes helps avoid any fold marks. This works on the same principle as steam ironing.

These tips to get rid of wrinkles form your clothes must be quite insightful for you, and we are sure that you would be able to use these in your day-to-day laundry process. So do share these with your near and dear ones, and help them get rid of some of their laundry woes.


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