I resolute to have a healthy lifestyle with SRL’s Preventive Health Checkups!

What does health mean to you?

Well, many may say wealth is an essential aspect of life along with happiness and what not. However, personally, I believe that health is the essence of life. If one may have everything in this world, but no good health, nothing would be of use to that person. We cannot enjoy life or live it to the fullest if we don’t possess the best in health, agree?

We are living in a world of fast paced life, surrounded by hectic work schedules, leaving us with no time to look after ourselves. With the changing lifestyle, our health is prone to number of risks that we may not be aware of till at the later stage of the disease. Health issues like diabetes, hearts disease, hypertension and obesity have become very common in children and adults alike. Keeping the same in mind, it is essential to avoid the onset of such health risks and take certain preventive measures.

This notion “Prevention is better than cure” stands to be true. Preventive measures are what keeps us from getting inflicted by any new disorder and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I was introduced to this idea by SRL Diagnostics which is one of the leading diagnostic chains in India. They have come up with a range of preventive health check-up packages, which are not only health-effective but also cost-effective.

Why SRL?

  • They have world-class labs
  • They provide accurate and reliable test results
  • They make speedy delivery of test reports

SRL offers various Preventive Health Check-up packages:

  1. ‘Complete Care’ Ideal for people of all age groups who want a comprehensive health check
  2. ‘Fitness Care’ Ideal for those who want to improve their workout performance & endurance
  3. ‘Active Care’ Ideal for those who follow a sedentary lifestyle, hectic work schedules with no time for physical activity
  4. ‘Evergreen Care’ Ideal for those above 40 years of age who might at the risk of various chronic diseases.
  5. ‘Vital Care’ Ideal for testing the health of various organs and identifying specific issues

I chose to go for ‘Vital Care Vitamin and Mineral Check’ which is ideal for people who fall sick often and complain of general weakness. I visited the Goregaon branch of SRL, largest of all labs across India and have all the extensive machinery which helps in prompt diagnosis of even the rarest diseases. The entire process of getting a lab test done is organised and transparent. While filling the patient’s details, they make sure to get even the medical history, to ensure a more holistic approach towards the patient care. The test was done quickly and neatly. They then showed me how my lab tests are been sent through a vacuum which transfer the tests to the respective department and this shows how organised they are.

The lab tests came by the same evening and the prints were sent to me next day. The test showed how my Vitamins were a bit low and that was the reason why I used to feel tired all the time. I have taken necessary medications for the same and have also planned to do regular check-ups at SRL as they are not only convenient and effective, but also inexpensive and reliable.

Have you tried them yet? What was your experience? What do you think about the idea of Preventive Health Check-ups? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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