Tips to Pull Off Every Look

On days when women are not feeling their best, power dressing never fails to provide them with the confidence boost they need. It’s not easy to pull off a domineering look, but it’s worth it. Power dressing is necessary whether or not you work in an office. Here are a few fashion hacks to help you achieve the bossy sassy look with ease and grace to keep the trend alive.

Choice of Colours

When it comes to power dressing, choosing the colour you want to wear is crucial. Using neutral, subdued colours like black, white, grey, navy and tan gives every look that classy, edgy, sleek boss style a lot easier. Fashion hacks that combine stark and contrasting colours, such as black and white, are also perfect.

Keep It Simple

Fashion hacks that come with a simple, minimal look can nail a perfect look to pull off. Keep your clothing simple and layering to a bare minimum. While power dressing, all you have to keep in mind is to have a clean, streamlined silhouette, which may be tough to achieve but can just awestruck everyone. 

Structured Pieces Are the Way to Go

When it comes to power dressing, you don’t need any ready architecture shirts or high style fashion hacks. But it would be wonderful to have a proper shape and structure on the pieces rather than wearing them loose. Incorporating these into your attire can give it a more polished appearance. 

Remember to Have Precision and Accuracy

Paying attention to even the tiniest details will always help you attain a well-coordinated and put-together image. Fashion hacks often require modest touch, such as an accent, a style trick, or even a basic hair and makeup look to pull off every look precisely.

Coordinate Your Hair and Makeup

When it comes to hair and makeup, there’s one additional element everyone must consider while power dressing. Of course, you won’t like to show up in your best dress or suit and high heels with your hair tangled and makeup looking like you are about to rave at a party. Maintaining a sleek, simple, and minimalistic hairstyle with natural makeup with a twist can just be perfect to make a statement.

Accessorize Minimally

 Accessorizing is a vital aspect of power dressing when it comes to appearing with a bossy-sassy look. As previously stated, you should maintain your style minimally and simply. As a result, keeping accessories to a minimum and avoiding those that appear to be cheap, particularly those made of plastic, is critical. Genuine stones and diamonds aren’t required, but they should at least complement the look.


Colour coordination, texture mixing, matching sets, pairing a blazer with a graphic tee, monochrome, and toying with proportions are some more fashion hacks that can help you improve your fashion style skills. To broaden your style expertise, consider recreating a look for yourself by experimenting with different items. Grab the best styling outfits that you can carry and match them up with the essential accessories to pull off every look in a classy way.


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