Casual V/S Formal- Ultimate Guide to Pick the Right Outfit for Any Event

Knowing what to wear for any event becomes the most challenging task before leaving the house for any occasion. But this article is the best guide for those who have just one suit that they want to wear for any event. So right from casual to a black-tie event look, here is a guide to nail every look with a blue suit for men. In addition, here are some pointers that will definitely help you look your best at any event. And reusing a piece of clothing in different ways is indeed a sustainable choice.

Figure Out The Dress Code For The Event: One can pick the formality of the event basis the invite you get. Many events and parties mention the dress codes on their invites so that your personal aesthetics match with the organizer’s mood board. If you are unsure about the dress code, it is always better to enquire so that you are on the same page with everyone and do not show up dressed incorrectly. 

Pair the right fit for Dressy Casuals: A two or three-piece blue suit for men can be easily divided to let you choose one element and create a casual look out of it. So, for instance, if you choose to wear a vest or a coat, then the key to style this outfit is a neutral colour shirt with contrasting pants. Here the colour blocking technique will help you create a structure to the look. You can experiment with this look by incorporating fancy and less sporty sneakers. You can save this look for weddings or family get-togethers. 

For Business Casual Look: In order to work your way through a business casual look with the classic blue suit for men, you need to work with two things the jacket and the trousers of the suit. You can swap the suit trousers with chinos or jeans to give it a casual appeal. And the most crucial part is that using these elements for casual dressing should not look odd. A pro styling tip is to choose formal footwear options like the derbys, monk strap shoes, or loafer as they add a sophisticated touch to the whole outfit. 

Black Tie Setup: Many people restrict the suit options for a black-tie look with a tuxedo, but you can effortlessly wear your blue suit for men to add a splash of colour to the whole look. It is advised to go for darker shades of blue for your suit’s fabric so that it blends well with the crowd. These looks are mainly reserved for your business meetings to cast a posh impression on the client. The key to nailing this look is the stick with essential accessories like watches, ties, pocket squares, and rings. 

Every Day Look: After covering up all the events, let us get to everyday looks that you need for special occasions like a date night look. For example, the blue suit for men can be paired with solid tshirts or button-down shirts to create a magnificent look that will help you make a lasting impression on the crowd. 


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