Celebrate This Festive Season With the Best Fabrics Of Fabcurate

With the wedding season consuming us with its excitement and fervour, we are always on the lookout for a way to set ourselves apart. We want to flaunt our finest selves, isn’t it? And with the fashion market bustling with monotonous designs and weddings decked up with similar style dresses, I am someone who doesn’t wish to get lost in the crowd. Instead, I would like to make a mark through my individual style.

A few months back, during my brother’s wedding, I grew bored of the same designs and patterns in every festive collection. That’s when I was determined to design my own dress in my own style, the way I liked it. Fabrics in beautiful colours and patterns help you achieve this goal. I wanted something subtle yet elegant and I settled for a tissue silk fabric in soft yellow with broad golden borders to make my floor length gown with full sleeves and complemented the look with a silky soft peach-toned Banarasi dupatta that simply elevated the entire look. My dress stood out from everyone else’s, and yes, the dress did receive a whole lot of compliments. In the end, I was satisfied!

This little venture made me expand my experience in curating my own wardrobe collection and so, I was searching for a reliable source online where I can buy some really amazing prints and fabrics. That’s when I discovered “Fabcurate”. As the name suggests, it is an online fabric store with a plethora of fabrics to choose from in irresistible colours and patterns that you can curate into a masterpiece of your own. Isn’t that super fab? Based out of Gujarat, the textile capital of the country, they source their designer and premium quality fabrics from traditional fabric merchants, who are masters of traditional crafts. With an array of fabrics to their disposition: Kalamkari, Ikat, Ajrakh, Indigo, Tie & Dye, Dabu, Shibori, Banarasi, Bandhani, Batik, etc, they showcase the best of Indian culture in their fabrics.

To begin with, I was overwhelmed with the choices in fabrics that they have. Designs, colours, patterns, you name it, they have it. Their website is easy to use and since I was shopping during Diwali, they had some great deals. I purchased myself the following fabrics:

1. Red and Off White Pattern Foil Print Kota Doria Fabric

2. Veridien Green and Pink Tie Dry Organza Fabric

3. Pineapple Yellow Bandhani Pattern Digital Print Kota Doria Fabric

4. Olive Green And Peach Floral Pattern Digital Print Kota Doria Fabric, Chevron

My Experience With Buying Fabrics From Fabcurate

I am particularly drawn to the texture of fabrics, hence, I purchased Kota Doria and Liquid Organza. In the 17th or 18th century, Mysore invented Kota Doria. The Doria threads must be perfectly interwoven to create a khat-like check pattern. A featherweight fabric, Kota Doria boasts elegant grace, smooth texture, and a happy vibe. Known for its glossy finish, durability, transparency, and crease-resistance, Organza is considered to be an upgraded version of net fabric, hence its widespread use in sarees and high-end clothing.

The fabrics that came in a lovely cloth bag are super awesome. The Kota Doria Fabrics have fine detailed prints and no fade out or misprints. The Organza Satin Fabric has an unmistakable charm to it with a velvety shimmer and so much elegance. The prints are on point and I absolutely loved my shopping experience with Fabcurate. Let me walk you through my vision of what I plan on making with these fabrics.

With the Red and Off White Pattern Foil Print Kota Doria Fabric, I’m planning on making a pretty anarkali kurta with balloon sleeves. With Pineapple Yellow Bandhani Pattern Digital Print Kota Doria Fabric, I’m planning on making a long A-line cut kurti with high-collar neck style and full sleeves that are bordered with dainty lace details. With Olive Green And Peach Floral Pattern Digital Print Kota Doria Fabric, Chevron, I’m planning on making a long kurta with kurta neck style and full sleeves, hemmed with delicate lace details. With the Veridien Green and Pink Tie Dry Organza Fabric, I’m planning on making a full length shrug or jacket, so I can team it with a plain solid matching kurta inside. It has a beautiful flow to it that will enhance my look and overall appeal.

Have you visited Fabcurate yet? If not, then head over to their website now and be stunned with the beauty they own!


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