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amreen-shaikhHi, my name is Amreen Shaikh. I’m from Mumbai and studied BSc. I.T. from Bhavan’s College, Andheri. I’ve also completed a few online courses, like, ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’, ‘English Literature’, ‘Creative Writing’, ‘The Power of Social Media‘, through Coursera.

I believe each one of us play many roles in our life. We can be many things at the same time, and we can’t ever be confined within one identity or status. That’s the pure essence of my blog. I’ve been discovering the vivid qualities and talents I own over the days and years and hence, I feel, I’m more than just a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger or creative writer or a poetess or a social influencer, I’m versatile. Therefore, I believe my blog, which is my virtual identity too, cannot be labelled as just a Fashion and Lifestyle blog. That exact moment, I discovered ‘AKA The Versatile‘.

My primary focus is Professional Blogging + Creative Writing +  Brand Campaigns + Social Influencing + Reviewing Applications, Food, Restaurants and Cosmetics + Website design + Poetry.

I’ve also had the privilege to work with clients from all over the world within a span of two years.

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191 thoughts on “About me

  1. Amreen, I opened the link to your blog and I was intrigued. It is such a beautiful place! 🙂 Your creations, the way they are depicted, the way the entire blog has been designed, it is all beautiful.
    I hope you are alright now. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

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  2. Wow Amreen you have a lovely bunch of poems with excellent pics in some. Brave heart to make a come back after illness. Hope and look forward to see a lot of wonderful poems from you.


  3. Hi Amreen. Thank you for visiting ACT Made Lyrical. Now I have followed you home, and I am so glad that I did. What a beautiful blog! Blog always sounds quite an ugly word but you have made yours a beautiful online space and I shall try to do the same. Like you I have taken a break, a year-long break in my case from blogging, and you have visited my first post on my new blog. Thank you for that. I can’t believe how much things have changed in the year I have been away, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that is the exciting possibility to connect with like-minded souls.

    Warm wishes from the UK from one poet to another.


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    1. Hey! Greetings from an Indian Poet! I’m so glad to meet you online and happy about the fact that you liked my online space. I feel that we must put our best in whatever we aspire to achieve and so the blog is more a reflection of my ideas and design. Thank you hun! And a great welcome after the comeback, I hope you deliver your best in the days to come. Stay blessed 🙂


  4. Hi Amreen,
    I came across your blog just recently. I am a fine artist but love creativity in words as well. Enjoyed going through your blog. I started blogging just recently to record my works of art and needed some help wrt certain technical things. I stay in Andheri, Mumbai and would love to get in touch with you.
    You can browse through my art works at http://www.charcoalspastelsandmore.blogspot.in and I would love to add your blog in mine. You have posted some interesting facts and it’s a good read.
    Manju Panchal

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  5. Wonderful blog Amreen.. It’s amazing what you are doing and you are taking your writing to a whole new level. Glad to see a girl having a kickass blog 😉 Look forward to your wonderful posts.

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