Submit to #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive


Thank you for your interest in being a part of the drive and helping me in this endeavor!

What is this Drive all about?

The #The100DeedsOfChangeDrive is a Special Column and addition to this blog, created by me, with the vision of making small changes in our lives, which can help others. Small changes won’t bring a big change, but can motivate many to do something good for the society!

This Drive is more like a community of writers & bloggers, who will be doing an effort from their end, by doing activities which can help in making this society, a better place to live and capture their work in the form of a blogpost, with images and videos, as they wish, to showcase their idea of helping in making a difference!

The Drive will be showcasing 100 deeds by 100 different bloggers, every fortnight, on this blog and once the 100 posts are done, the entire series will be published as an eBook for the world to see, read and get inspired and motivated.

Great! How can I help?

One can help by writing for this endeavor and spreading the word about this to your blogger friends and helping in making this successful!

Cool! I want to be a member! So how can I participate?

  • mail me on, with the title(The Deeds of Change Member Request) mentioning your interest for the work.
  • On acceptance of your request, you’ll be writing an article on any topic which interests you, but falls in the category of bringing about a change in the society, like-
    1. making someone’s day
    2. helping someone
    3. cleanliness
    4. small steps to preserve nature
    5. inform your near and dear one about various ways to be healthy
    6. Adapting a greener lifestyle
    7. Recycle Waste
    8. & more!
  • Once you have the final article, mail it to me on, along with your Photo and Bio (In Third Person)
  • I will be publishing your article as a guest post on my blog on a designated date and time which will be mailed to you prior to post publishing & once it goes live, the post link will be mailed to you.
  • Your post will be shared on my social handles too!
  • Once your post is published in the ‘Deeds of Change‘ column, you will receive a personalized badge to flaunt on your blog, linking it to your published post on Paint the world with words, showing your association to this work.
  • You need to share your published blog post link on this blog, through your social handles, so we can get more people to participate.
  • And you need to create buzz & spread the word about this Endeavor, as much as possible, to get in more people to participate!

The Entire Drive will begin in early August, 2015!



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