From my Desk…

I know this sand artist…


I know this sand artist,
who speaks beautiful stories
with his hand,
using lifeless granules of sand.

I know his
art of exuberance,
which shares vivacious shades of life
by its colorlessness.

I know him, his life-
giving out meaning to the world
through the darkness
residing in his eyes.

I know his story,
one he didn’t emote
through his art of sand
but which his fate crafted for him.

I know his melancholy-
about his defected lens
which killed his vision
but still gifted him hope.

I know the hope he has
to be blessed with donated eyes
so he can see the colors in his artistry too
though it is painted with the pale hues of sand.

And I know his fate
which didn’t get a chance
to be granted an organ
to live with.

And so, I know this sand artist
who still… might be… wishes a destiny of despair
to eye the sketches of his skill
but unfortunately, just feels it.

Author Note:
We humans are fortunate to be able to live a normal life, but there are many out there who struggle every minute to earn a living. And if we think we could help them, why not help the handicaps an organ they are wanting to live with a smile. Organ donation is a beautiful act and it is a great example of us as a human.


~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh


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