“PTWWW Be Inspired” Weekly Challenge #4

Hi Everyone!

I am thankful to the participants of Challenge #3 for their awesome display of work and writing. I really liked it guys. And the posts were amazing. Thanks again!




This week, I’ve an image to inspire your write.

Image Credit: BorePanda

So, you all know what has to be done! Write anything (short story/poem/rant/paragraph) which speaks the image. Whatever you write, keep in mind to be creative. Let the image encourage you to write, write and write. This activity is just a way to encourage you to keep writing. You could even check my Poetic forms’ Link if you wish to experiment with poetry forms.

After you’re done writing, post that amazing write-up on your blog and share the link in the comment box of this post, so I could comment on your writing. Also, consistent writers will be awarded the “PTWWW Be Inspired” Award for their commitment and excellence in writing!

So be  motivated and let your words create the best of writings.

Be Inspired!

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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