Words & Wisdom- Kindness!

The world is one beautiful place. Really. Each one of us have that one special quality which makes us beautiful, and in turn, this world a better place. But, sometimes, many other qualities in us overpower them and they stand hidden. But what if we all work towards a better society, a better self and help each other in achieving universal peace? Share your thoughts … Continue reading Words & Wisdom- Kindness!

“The Be Inspired Weekly” Writing challenge #22

Greetings! We are in the 22nd week of the “Be Inspired Weekly” and its really amazing to see new writers coming up for this challenge. The Challenge has witnessed experienced writers, new poets and mediocre ones trying to fit in to this challenge and what amazes me is how everyone has progressed to writing some real fabulous formed poetry since the commencement of this notion- … Continue reading “The Be Inspired Weekly” Writing challenge #22

“The Be Inspired” Weekly Writing Challenge #17

Greetings! The Be Inspired Weekly is back and its in its 17th Week! 🙂 Well, last week, the writing challenge was to write an Etheree. I received 3 awesome Etheree to read! Let me thank the following writers for their participation— “Once more with feeling” by Melissa Simpson “Train Tracks” by Ginz & Tonic “Minor Opus”  by Eleni This week’s challenge is to write a … Continue reading “The Be Inspired” Weekly Writing Challenge #17

“The Be Inspired” Weekly Writing Challenge #15

Dear Readers, friends & fellow bloggers! Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! And as you know, its the “Be Inspired” day & we are in its 15th Week…. yay!! I am real happy to see this happen & thank every participant for being so challenging & supportive, every reader who reads the challenge poem & every person who gets inspired reading the blog! A … Continue reading “The Be Inspired” Weekly Writing Challenge #15

Well done El :)

Dear Friends, fellow bloggers & Readers! I write this post to thank Eleni- my friend & fellow blogger for her constant support in writing the Be Inspired Challenges. I am overwhelmed with her writing expertise and her talent which she displays with each of her poems for the challenges. Eleni- you have already won the Be Inspired Challenge and this post is all dedicated to … Continue reading Well done El 🙂

PTWWW “Be Inspired” Challenge #11

Friends, Readers & Fellow bloggers! “Be Inspired” Challenge is in its 11th Week and I am happy more than ever to see how the no. of participants grow for this endeavor. Well,  I would like to thank all my wonderful participants who performed excellently for last week’s challenge, last year. Yes, I kept this challenge down for a week, keeping in mind the busy time … Continue reading PTWWW “Be Inspired” Challenge #11

“PTWWW Be Inspired” Weekly Challenge #4

Hi Everyone! I am thankful to the participants of Challenge #3 for their awesome display of work and writing. I really liked it guys. And the posts were amazing. Thanks again! http://sparkimage.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/towers-harmless-things/ http://cognitivereflection.wordpress.com/2013/11/07/ptwww-be-inspired-writing-challenge-3/ http://booknvolume.com/2013/10/03/belief/ This week, I’ve an image to inspire your write. So, you all know what has to be done! Write anything (short story/poem/rant/paragraph) which speaks the image. Whatever you write, keep in … Continue reading “PTWWW Be Inspired” Weekly Challenge #4