PTWWW “Be Inspired” Challenge #11

Friends, Readers & Fellow bloggers!

“Be Inspired” Challenge is in its 11th Week and I am happy more than ever to see how the no. of participants grow for this endeavor. Well,  I would like to thank all my wonderful participants who performed excellently for last week’s challenge, last year. Yes, I kept this challenge down for a week, keeping in mind the busy time of New Year Week. So, this is the first week challenge of New Year, 2014.

Applauds to the below contestants for their participation—-

I am really stunned by the poetic talent the above poets have got. They are truly excellent and a constant writer for this challenge. I love their love for poetry! 🙂

Well, this week’s challenge is to write a Triolet! Yes, you can write a Triolet on any theme or topic. The challenge as you know starts every Tuesdays and lasts till next Monday, so you really have ample time to write a poem. I feel Eleni, J., Bastet, Megan, C.C and Anja were incredible in their writing and I wish and hope all of them come together for this challenge every week and when this challenge gets more than 10 participants, I will define a new twist to this challenge, so hoping all you and just everyone to reblog this post to let many people participate and make this challenge more spicy and amazing!

So, for now! How to write a Triolet? Click here to learn to write a Triolet

Rules are simple! Write a poem using the Triolet form of Poetry and submit it here by Next Monday! Simple?

So, what to do after you are done writing? Well, simply comment your post to this post or pingback it!

Also, every consistent writer will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge for their excellence in writing. Nice, isn’t it?

Awaiting to read your poems guys!

Be Inspired. Keep writing.

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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