Well done El :)

Dear Friends, fellow bloggers & Readers!

I write this post to thank Eleni- my friend & fellow blogger for her constant support in writing the Be Inspired Challenges. I am overwhelmed with her writing expertise and her talent which she displays with each of her poems for the challenges. Eleni- you have already won the Be Inspired Challenge and this post is all dedicated to you and your amazing talent in writing.

Eleni has been a part of this challenge since 8 weeks and has thrilled me and just every reader with her brilliant poems. I encourage my readers to visit her blog to get a glimpse of her life!

Visit Eleni’s Blog

I would like to share with you all her poems for the previous challenges! I bet you all will to believe that is so fabulous in writing! 🙂

She has already been awarded the “Be Inspired” badge & still, she inspires me & everyone with her writing!

Visit Eleni’s Badge Post

Well, once again, a BIG THANK YOU Eleni for being such a dedicated and amazing participant of the Be Inspired Challenge! Your works truly inspire me and this post does say that!

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Thanks & Best Regards,

paint the world with words

5 thoughts on “Well done El :)

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Amreen 🙂 It’s been a pleasure to participate in your challenges, plus I have learnt about different forms of poetry, whereas before I was completely uneducated in the field!


      1. I have been thinking about it 🙂 I have a few unpublished favourites, but now that I have laid down the framework for my Ode I think i might wait (I’m hoping to create a masterpiece 😉 )


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