“The Be Inspired” Weekly Writing Challenge #15

Dear Readers, friends & fellow bloggers!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! And as you know, its the “Be Inspired” day & we are in its 15th Week…. yay!!

I am real happy to see this happen & thank every participant for being so challenging & supportive, every reader who reads the challenge poem & every person who gets inspired reading the blog! A BIG thanks indeed 🙂

So, let me thank the participants of the previous Week #14 Challenge which was to write an ODE. Just everyone had posted such great entries for it!

So! This week’s Challenge is to write a Monody! One doesn’t have to be too strict & follow the exact rules, you can take the meaning behind it to write as well! It is all upon you guys!

How to write a Monody

Once done writing your Monody, comment/pingback the link to this post, so I can have a read!

Also. all those who write consistently for 4 weeks, will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of creativity!

Kindly reblog too so many others can participate:)

Have fun! Stay inspired!

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