Feeling Happy!

Good Morning Readers!

Before I could start my day, I would like to share my happiness with all of you. Morning, I got a mail from a fellow blogger Melba Christie regarding the acceptance of my poetry for her guest post and that today, she posted it on her blog among the other talented poets across the world. This really amazes me and excites me to share such honor with other amazing and fabulous writers across the globe and shine among them. Thank you Melba for this opportunity and for making my day a wonderful one. Also, along the way, I would like to thank each and everyone reader who begin their day with my inspiring quotes, obviously the ones which I share 😉 and for being so wonderful and in a way, a part of my life. I would also like to thank the wonderful writers of the Be Inspired challenge for writing terrific content. I feel real good when I realize that being in one part of this world, I am recognized, known, loved and heard across many lives who dwell under the same sky as I and we share our poetic journey or may be, a common interest we all have.

Here is the link to my guest post on Poemmatic: http://melbachristieatpoemattic.com/about/other-poets-in-the-attic/

Thanks to all!

Be Blessed:)

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