Another beautiful dedicated post on Paint the world with words

From being a renewed blog since September 2013 to a known and popular reader blog, Paint the world with words has been through a lot. When I started this blog, I didn’t for a second thought, I would travel this long and build friendships, participate in various challenges and get so much of love from my fellow bloggers.

This blog is my dream and to experiment it in various ways is my passion. I am amazed and thrilled with the acceptance of my thoughts and ideas by my co-bloggers and appreciating those small attempts. PTWWW started a Weekly Challenge and it too is going great with writers writing such amazing poems in various forms for the challenge. This truly shows their creativity and diversity. Apart from that, I will be starting few more blog events with the dawn of 2014 and hope that they too get accepted by the readers.

I thank all the readers for their support and love, for every like they make, for every second they spend on writing a comment, for every blog award they bestow me with and for every moment they think of PTWWW. Really, thanks to you all in particular and without your love and support, I wouldn’t have had content in my blog life. This inspires me to keep shining on and sharing the love with you all.

A Fellow Blogger Gordon dedicated a post on his blog to Paint the world with words, telling about my mission and in a way promoting my message. This was really considerate of him as this came to me as a surprise. I really thank Gordon and his efforts to get poetry and other artists’ blogs noticed on the blogosphere.

This is the link to the post he wrote on Paint the world with words

Visit Gordon’s Blog

As a token of respect, I encourage my fellow bloggers and those amazing readers to have a look at his blog too, as he shares a lot information on many different blogs like mine.

Thanks to Gordon and you all once again!

Happy Reading…

Be Inspired

~~~ Amreen B. Shaikh

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