PTWWW’s Be Inspired Weekly Challenge #13

Welcome back readers, friends & fellow bloggers!

Be Inspired challenge is in its 13th Week and it pleases me to tell you all that just every entrant is getting better & better with weeks. The Challenges- tough as it is, are done so intellectually by everyone that I am overwhelmed by the responses and the creativity of the poems. I feel that with time, you all guys will turn up as pro in Poetry Form field! Amazing already!

I would like to thank all the participants of the Week 12’s Challenge (To write a Found Poem):

A big thank you to all the above participants. I loved everyone’s entries & encourage others to have a look at them!:)

Well, this week, the challenge is to write an Epigram! Yes, one has to challenge themselves to write anything but a poem and in an epigram format! Simple?

How to write an Epigram

The rules are simple! Write an epigram poetry and once done, link it/pingback it to this post, so I could comment on it and also you could reblog this post so more people participate. It would be fun!

That simple, you see!! Also, participants who participate for 4 weeks consistently will be awarded the Be Inspired Badge of Excellence & Creativity to showcase on their blogs, Nice na?

I am waiting to see the entries, well, for your knowledge guys, I already have an awesome entry!

Keep writing & Be Inspired!

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