Poetic Form of the Week – Parallelogram de Crystalline

Dear All,

Wishing everyone a wonderful day today! 🙂

Monday’s Forms are back! This week, I introduce you all to Parallelogram de Crystalline which is a derived Poetry form by Karan Naidu.

Parallelogram de Crystalline is a poetry form created by Karan Naidu. This form consists of 4 verses of 3 lines each. The syllable count for each stanza is 3, 6, 9. In this style of poem, the beauty of a lover is compared with the nature and described…


By your tender beauty
Moon conceals herself behind the clouds

Upon the silent sea
Stars do admire your alluring smile

In the tranquil cold night
Fireflies dance on the beat of your heart

Prancing on gentle buds
Butterflies kiss your delicate lips

Copyright © 2009 Karan Naidu

Content Credits: ShadowPoetry.com

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