“The Be Inspired Weekly” Writing Challenge #19


The Be Inspired Weekly Challenge is back! It is in its 19th Week, though the last week was a dull one! The Challenge, unfortunately, did not receive any poem for the Challenge #18 of writing a Cascade.

However, I expect many writers- potential and existing, to kindly let me know what changes they would like to see in this Challenge. Like, some inspirational quotes or images to complement your thinking to write for the challenge or any daily inspiration message to help you write. Also, let me know if you find the Poetry forms difficult, so I could make the challenge a more lineal one.

I like reading the Poetry entries and many among you really appreciate my efforts with their continuous pingbacks of appreciation. I really feel that this blog is a poetic abode to many & hope it remains the same forever. But, let me tell you, this would also not happen without your participation.

Proceeding on, I would like to thank every writer who wrote for this Challenge and made this Poetic Journey till now, so exciting and challenging.

The Challenge for this week is to write a Tanaga Poetry Form.

How to write a Tanaga Poetry

For Inspiration, you can use the Daily Quotes & Image Quotes I provide on this site.

Once done writing, please comment your post link to this post/pingback to this post, so I can comment on your poem.

Consistently writing challengers will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of Excellence in Creativity & a dedicated post of their Poetry.

So, let’s not wait & start writing! 🙂


Amreen Shaikh

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