“The Be Inspired Weekly” writing challenge #20


Its great to tell all of you that the “Be Inspired Weekly” is in its 20th Week! Sounds great, isn’t it? I am so thankful to just everyone who gave this challenge a try and also immersed in writing such fantastic poems. The Poetic Journey so far is beautiful and I admire how every participant for the challenge have been so wonderful in sharing their poetic potential with the world and churning fantastic masterpieces.

On this note, I need to first thank every wonderful participant of this challenge and share along their blogs, so many, who read this, may also explore the wide talent we have in the blogosphere!

A Huge Thanks to :

You all have been wonderful in writing for the challenge and making this journey till now- worthwhile! 🙂

Now, I would like to thank those who wrote poems for the last week’s challenge to write a Tanaga.

This week’s challenge is to write a Memento Poetry. Well, this is a derived poetry form and an invented one. You can read the below link to know how to write a Memento Poetry.

How to write a Memento

So, you know the rules! Just write a poem which follows the memento poetry form and it can be on any topic and you can submit in the poem by next Tuesday, 26th March, which gives you ample time to write!

And once done writing, you can simply comment(copy your poetry post link) to this post’s comment box or pingback, so I can read it! Simple?

Writers who write consistently for the challenge (4 Weeks), will be awarded the “Be Inspired” Badge of Excellence andd Creativity, alongwith a dedicated post to your poetry. Cool?

I am so excited to read through your entries for this!

You can also reblog to share the word and get more people for writing this!

Be Inspired~~~~


6 thoughts on ““The Be Inspired Weekly” writing challenge #20

  1. Thanks for the mention. I missed this and did not get a ping. But here I am, and I will check out this form, which is new to me. I don’t know if I can manage to write for it or if I will run out of time (big doings underway for my son’s birthday), it will depend on how intricate the rules are. And when the others in my house get up. 🙂


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