Poetic Form of the Week – Christ-in-a-Rhyme


The Poetic Form of this Week is Christ-in-a-Rhyme.

The Christ-in-a-Rhyme, a shape poem of the spiriatual nature, was created by Christina R Jussaume on October 3, 2006, consists of five 3-lined stanza that must rhyme (scheme for this form is aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, eee) and a syllable count of each stanza is as follows:

Stanza 1 – 8 syllables
Stanza 2 – 14 syllables
Stanza 3 – 7 syllables
Stanza 4 and 5 – 5 syllables.

The poem should be centered to show the cross that will be created. This form was created in memory her mother, Christina. The form and the example poem are copyrighted in Christina R Jussaume’s book, “My Walk with Jesus,” published by Publishamerica.


Sharing My Faith

               Christ asked us live with faith within
                He asked to turn away from sin
                   If we do, we in end will win


Trust all you have contact with as you want them to treat you
     Always be kind in what you say and in what you do
Do honor marriage vows and learn how to always be true


                     Set good example for all
                    In doing so you stand tall
                  In judgment, you will not fall


                        Pray to God each day
                       Show others the way
                    Have courage, what may


                        Enjoy gifts God gave
                    Watch out what you crave
                      Careful road you pave


Copyright © 2007 Christina R. Jussaume

Content Credits: ShadowPoetry.com


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