A new life!

Life is a series of changes. When a story in our lives end, a new one begins. Every change is the reason for the dawn of new thoughts, ideas and emotions. My life, too, has seen many such changes and stories. I have lived and experienced different phases and there were times, when I was required to bring about a big change in my life, thoughts and thinking, to begin a new story.

There is this story in my life, which is prominent for me. When I was in University, everyone around were busy studying and trying to score the best. Everyone wishes to build a great career. Everyone wants a carefree life. The same was the scene when I was in University. I was a bright student and also had the same notion about life. I too wanted to be a successful person and have a perfect professional life. In order to achieve it, I needed to be completely into studies, as we had a huge syllabus to cover in less time and also develop projects to attain practical knowledge.

But, amidst this scenario, I got a mail from one of my friends, who belonged to an NGO (Non Government Organization) and she wanted me to tutor a few under-privileged students for a year. I used to tutor students during my free time in High School, but to be attentive and dedicated to children during University was a tough decision to take. She also told me that there was no one who was available for them and she had this hope on me that I would be of definite help.

When this mail happened to me, I was enveloped in dilemma. I have always loved kids and to teach them, so that they get literate, educated and independent, would only bring me happiness. My heart wanted me to give my friend a positive acknowledgement and teach those kids, so that their liberty will give me joy. But then, I had to score well in my academics and projects, so I could get good working opportunities in good companies and also wanted to win myself the “Best Student of the Year Award” and hence, I was participating in various extra-curricular activities, to add to my educational credit.

I had kept my friend on hold, for I had a tough decision to make. I had to take up a new responsibility and start a new story in my life, while I was already living one. I had to take up multiple responsibilities and also perform better in them. Then one day, I was reading my holy book and there was this verse in it which was about Orphans.

“Have you seen the one who rejects [the true spirit] of religion? That is he who repels the orphan. And does not advocate for the feeding of the very poor. Woe to you worshippers! Those who pray yet are heedless. Who only pray to be seen [by men]. But neglect even neighborly needs.  (107:1-7)”

After reading this, I got this emotion in me, a strong one, that if God loves Orphans and tells us to do the same, why should I step behind from helping those under-privileged and orphan children. If only I could bring a smile on their faces and see them learn new words and thoughts, God would definitely make me successful and content. I was then ready to adjust my priorities to accommodate time for teaching and education.

I started teaching them. I got immense content from it. And with my strong dedication towards studies too, I received good results in my final year and also achieved the Award. This wouldn’t have been possible without God’s grace on me.

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