First day in office – Formal wear options for men

The firsts always need to be perfect! It is said that first appearances always make a mark and sometimes, a lasting impression about our personality and individuality. Be it our first interview or first day at the office, our smartness alone is not enough. Apart from how well we are on our office monitors and desktops, our look is important as well. We need to follow and adopt a presentable attire, which creates a positive influence about our identity on others and also, complements our thinking and smartness.

First day at office? Need to cast that special effect and impression on bosses and peers? Well, a first day office look is one of the most crucial elements in making your day, worth it. Also, it is common to have anxiety and nervousness on our first day at office, due to a new work place, new work appointments, our look and personality among our peers and bosses and our identity among them.

Well, no more such moments any more! I would like to share a few tips and tricks on what are the essentials of the first day at the office. A formal look packed with a professional attitude will work wonders and create an impact on everyone.

The most formalistic rules in men’s fashion apply to formal attire. A formal look seems to be more noticeable and a man looks at his best, as it gives him a more elegant, dignified and polished look.

Considering formal shirts, one needs to make sure to avoid translucent or see-through shirts as they don’t seem appropriate. A white crisp shirt is a building block of a men’s wardrobe and are always the best option and on other days, one may wear a more mild patterned shirt, like stripes or a checkered shirt. A well-fitted shirt is always appropriate and a loose-fitted shirt with loose or short sleeves is a strict no-no on first day at work. It is awkward to leave the buttons, unbuttoned. One must look after this that the buttons are properly put up and the cuff buttons, too are properly put, to avoid any improper look.

Solid-color silk ties are regular office attire, though rarely exciting. Adding texture with a knit makes for an easy transition back to civilian life.

Considering formal pants, it is advisable to cancel out any pastel colored pants and prefer dark colored pants. Trousers, which are not too full or pegged are perfectly appropriate for a formal look. Do not over do on colors, one hue will keep the look smart and professional.

One must make sure that ironing is important, be it the cuff, the sleeves. Your attire speaks about your personality and one must make sure that their clothes are neat and well-ironed. Opt for what comforts you, as your comfort will make you make a statement, while a tight-fitting shirt or pant can’t! Pay attention to your shoes and make sure that it is clean and polished.

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