My #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal

Matters of the heart can create magic! Really it can! Don’t believe? Read my story where I struck a #DilKiDeal and won a magical moment with my beloved mom!

I started blogging a few years ago, but I began a professional level blogging a few months ago. In the very first month, I earned a handsome amount of Rs. 10,500. I was thoroughly excited and happy! I wanted to buy a beautiful Caratlane jewellery set for myself. I even decided about which one to buy.

But, then I remembered that my mother’s birthday was approaching. I wanted to make her birthday, special too. And hence, I was left in a dilemma. I was to decide between my choices and my mom’s gift. But then, I finally decided to make my mom’s day beautiful and bring a smile on her face. I decided to go with my heart’s decision, hence.

I bought the “Caratlane Peridot 18k Earrings & Pendant set” on Snapdeal. The jewellery amounted to Rs. 10,400 and I confirmed the deal. I received the courier within a week’s time as promised. I was also busy with my mom’s surprise birthday celebrations. I planned to gift her the surprise jewellery set at midnight on her birthday. I was elated and excited about the entire thing.

The midnight of 16th February was about to happen within a few minutes and I was ready with my gift. It was 16th February midnight. I surprised my mom with a happy birthday song and gave her a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and the jewellery set. She was completely surprised and mirth encompassed her. She was speechless when she saw my love for her, and tears of love and happiness exuded from her eyes.

The CaratLane Jewellery Set Gift for my Mom


She kissed me on my forehead and said that she was proud of me. She also said that she always knew that I am a confident and independent girl, who could achieve anything I believe in. She was extremely elated and proud of me. Those moments with mom were priceless and gave me the spirit of confidence and passion. I was happy about the fact that she accepted my decision to be an independent freelancer.

It is always difficult to build a strong platform of independence for ourselves, but when our loved ones support us and believe in our vision, we own the extra confidence to take the plunge and achieve what our heart desires. I am glad my parents are beautiful and they love my decision.

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.

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