Simple Time Management Tips for creating a balance between work and home!

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When was the last time you took your wife on a date? Took the kids on a trip? Or had time to read a book? If you’re always busy at work, it’s time you managed your time effectively.

Recently, I stumbled upon this piece of tips formatted on a website, which has arrays of information on varied topics. Life is a busy affair for just anyone in this world and everyone seem to like it that way! But, sometimes, we need to take some time out from our busy lives and make memories. So… the website helped me with a few tips on how to save our time and utilize it to the optimum and make the most of it.

On reading those tips, I was able to compile a few more tips from my end and hence, thought of posting them on my blog, for those who wish to know more on Time Management.

Tips to Manage Time at Work

  • Don’t fuss about unimportant details: Spend time on what is important.
  • Reward good habits: Review your lists.
  • Give up perfection: Keep a calendar.
  • Know your limits: Learn to say NO.
  • Prioritize your tasks: Plan ahead.
  • Stay Focused: Get motivated.
  • Set Reminder: Stop multi tasking.
  • Delegate to others: Do a little everyday.
  • Set Long Term Goals: Track your time spent on various tasks.
  • Don’t work on impulse: Eliminate time wasters.
  • Start early, finish faster: Dis-connect to reconnect.
  • Make a to do lists, but be flexible: Schedule time for interruptions.
  • Break down tasks into small tasks: Don’t take on more than you can handle.
  • Reset your habits: Learn to do things which are important to you.
  • Eliminate the unessential: Keep less important things at last.
  • Set Specific Goals: Define your tasks everyday

Tips to Manage Time at home

Work out your week: We need to plan about what we have to do, to learn what time we have left. A weekly planner is probably better than a daily one because not everything is done each day. A week tends to incorporate most scheduled activities. Once we know what we have to do, we’ll have a more accurate idea of the time available to do what you want to do.

Strangely, this exercise can be quite motivating. You’ll probably find that increasing awareness of your time will enhance the value placed upon it.

Put it back: No one wishes to waste time, but we all do it. The trick is to get better at doing it less. One way that works? Make sure everyone puts things back. Nearly isn’t good enough. Put things back exactly where they belong even if it seems to take longer than it should. 

Tweak, adapt and improve: It’s rare to get it right straight away. When things aren’t working the way we want, our system isn’t necessarily wrong. It probably just needs tweaking. Persist and improve. Factor in what you forgot to account for first time around and aim to increase the accuracy of your time estimates. Time management at home will always need to adapt to changing circumstances, so be prepared to build in time to review old routines and set up new ones.

So how do you manage time and create a balance between work and home? Comment below!

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